What’s Happening In Cottage Country on Sep 16/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy, wet morning here in cottage country, and we did have some showers through the night. We should see some sunshine later on, and the good news is we will be having some warm temperatures along with lots of sunshine for the next 5 days or so. But after that, well … let’s just say weather wise, things won’t be all that good. But we are coming into Fall and where we live we are used to just about anything. Well, at least some of us.

Highway 522 is still quiet, but in saying that we did have a few folks drop by our one of a kind gift shop yesterday picking up a few items of choice, we made some new friends and got into some down right interesting conversations about the world in general, farming, along with plants and things. After that, my wife and I got busy and worked away in our bush here by our home, cleaning it up, which took us the remainder of the day. It does look a lot nicer now. So Sunday was a great day for meeting people and getting a lot of work done. We don’t have a specific favorite day of the week because we think each day is special in its own special way. This has always been our attitude, and we really enjoy it this way. Being a farmer for a good portion of my life, you learn to take advantage of each and every day, especially if the weather is nice.

Bug Report: Actually working in the bush yesterday, a few of them blood sucking parasites were around. I guess they were thinking they needed a bit more blood before winter hit.

Today I have some work to do in my woodworking shop, but we will see how that works out after I have had my breakfast that my lovely wife is getting ready. I still have to till up our vegetable garden for winter, but it will have to wait till the remainder of our plants are finished, which will be in about a week or so. After that, I will get busy and plant some garlic for next year. I don’t like to put it in too early, but I do like to get it in before it gets too cold, which in turn gives it a chance to get established and used to its new home. From a farmer’s point of view, people often wonder, “George, how do you figure out when it’s the best time to plant or pick/harvest crops?” And I reply, “You know, it’s a bit like having a special sense that tells me when it’s just right, or you could say I get this inner feeling that guides me on when to do things. My dad used to say that some people are born with this gift, while others aren’t, and I believe that’s how it operates. Regardless, I never second-guess these feelings; I simply act upon them.

With that bit of information under your hat, that is if you wear a hat, I am off for a bite to eat and will then enjoy the day that lies ahead. It looks like the sky is brightening up a bit.

Have a good day! GW

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