What’s Happening Around Our Home In Cottage Country on Sep 22/2023

Good Morning!

And a fine morning it is, other than a few clouds floating by. Enjoy the sunshine today, as tomorrow we could see a few showers off and on throughout the day. But in saying that … on Sunday the sun returns and will stay with us for a good week or so. I have to tell you I sure enjoy this time of year, especially when it is sunny and warm. With the leaves changing from green to all colors of the rainbow, it sure is a sight to see. To me in the fall, it means I get to rest a bit. I think it’s from growing up on the farm, as all summer long we work in the fields from daylight till dark and come winter we get some time to do other things, that aren’t so pressing. What ever the reason, now that I am getting up there in years, I enjoy it and when ever possible I like to sit on our front porch, or on our swing under our Basswood tree with my lovely wife and take in what nature has to offer … that is all around us. Nature has so much to see/offer if a person takes the time to notice. I believe that a person needs to slow down, like walking slower, taking the time to smell the flowers, leaves, soil or what ever is happening around them. And you know … over the years I found in doing, so I get more done than if I was in a rush.

Highway 522 is still quiet, but it will pick up a bit with it closing in on the weekend with folks heading off to their favorite stores in the cities picking up groceries and things. For my wife and I we have pretty well all we need to last us through the winter if need be. The reason being that my lovely wife has been doing up preserves and storing things away for what lies ahead. Some say they can simply go when ever they want and pick up what they need. I say, yep that is true, but you will be paying a lot more and them fruits and veggies during the winter months, well, they ain’t packin’ much nutritional punch. Truth be told, they’re as empty as a tumbleweed blowin’ through a ghost town. And if you knew what they put in them can goods, well … let’s just say it isn’t good for your health, that’s for certain. But the best part is, it’s downright satisfying knowin’ we’re self-reliant, like the pioneers of old. We’re takin’ care of ourselves, just like our grandparents did, and it gives us a sense of pride and peace.

On another note, I bought an old cement mixer the other day. I got it for a good price, but it needed a bit of work. So I have been working away on it, getting it into working order. Truth be told, I am not sure why I bought the darn thing. I saw it setting out by the road and something drew me to it, a powerful urge you could say. But over the years I have found it is best to act upon these feelings if I can, and most of the time I come out ahead. It sure is something how things twirl around in a feller’s noggin, or in his heartstrings?

With that I am off for a boiled egg this morning on a muffin which should hold me over till lunchtime.

Have a good one, and once more, soak up that sunshine, ’cause it beats the heck out of them flu shots any day! GW

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