What’s Happening in Cottage Country on October 3, 2023: A Glimpse In & Around Our Home

Good Morning!

It’s another really nice morning here in Cottage country. Looking out our bedroom window, with the sun shinning, was an irresistible inspiration to rise and greet the day. But in saying that if you have any outside work that needs doing it would be a good idea to get it done, either today or tomorrow, as this summer like weather isn’t going to last. With rain and cooler temperatures moving into our area nearing the end of the week.

“Highway 522: Where the Only Commotion is Locals Wondering ‘What’s Happening?'”

Bug Report: For most parts them annoying parasites has left us for the year, but there are some, what I call no-seums flying around, especially when you are mowing the grass. And I found that they can bite occasionally. I have had to put my old hat to work for the past week or so, swatting them.

On another note, I’ve been collecting plants and roots recently to make my own herbal remedies. I’m gathering what I need now, and when the weather isn’t great, I’ll start making them. It’s good to have these things on hand, just in case. It’s too bad more folks doesn’t take advantage of what these plants have to offer. I call it being self efficient, not having to rely on others.

Today I will carry on with gathering some more while the weather is permitting, and after that come Thursday my wife and I will close our store for the winter. We still have to get our gardens put to bed and plant our garlic, but that can wait for another week or so. This time of year one has to keep an eye on what is taking place weather wise.

So with that, I am off for some scrambled eggs this morning with some homemade strawberry jam spread on top of an English Muffin that my wife made up a few weeks ago. I have to tell you that jam tastes like the real thing, not like the store bought stuff. You could say it’s mouthwatering good.

“Have a wonderful day, and if you can, enjoy some sunshine while it’s up high in the sky. It’s another natural remedy that many people don’t take advantage of these days.” GW

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