What’s Happening In Cottage Country: A Glimpse into Life Around Our Home on Oct 6, 2023

Good Morning!

It’s looking as if we are in for a nice day. Waking up, the sun is shinning, and the birds are at our feeder enjoying their breakfast. As for me and my missus, we’re stretchin’ our bones and gettin’ ourselves ready for the day ahead, whatever it may bring. You just never know. Although both of our sons will be visiting us this weekend being Thanksgiving. Which we are looking forward too. One is on the road now heading our way, but it will take him awhile as it is a 6-hour drive from his house to ours. That’s the only downfall of living so far apart, but we make the best of it.

Bug Report: There are a lot of them no-see-ums around, especially when a car, truck or lawnmower is running, and I have to say they can be annoying. But fear not, my friends, ’cause with the cooler weather creepin’ in, their days of mischief are numbered. Good riddance, you little buggers! ?

On a different note, yesterday was one of them “rain, rain, go away” kind of days, and yours truly didn’t venture much outside. I swear, that rain was playin’ a game of peek-a-boo, ’cause it sure knew how to come down hard and fast, then take a breather, just to surprise us again. Mother Nature’s got quite the sense of humor, I tell ya!

Today my lovely wife will be getting things in order around the house here getting ready for our boys. Myself, I have some work to do in our woodworking shop. I have a lot of plants and roots hanging drying, so I need to keep an eye on them. Once dried, I will bring them into the house and get to preparing some of my natural remedies. I enjoy making them, knowing we have a supply ready if someone is in need.

With that you have a great day and if possible take advantage of the sunshine. GW

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