“Autumn Adventures and Halloween Fun: What’s Happening at Our Cottage Country Home on Oct 28/2023”

“New day, new beginnings!”

Good Morning!

It’s another cloudy day here in Cottage Country. And it has cooled down some, with the temperature waking up sitting at 1.7 C | 35.06 F. We had to turn on our furnace this morning to warm things up some. But I can’t complain, as we do live in the north, and it is nearing the end of October.

Highway 522 is not too busy these days, but there are some hunters in our area gearing up for the deer hunt starting the first of November.

Yesterday, I did some work in my woodworking shop, and then I used my old chainsaw to cut down a big basswood tree that was growing too close to my house. Normally, I don’t cut down trees like that, but this time it was necessary because there were some nice oak trees growing alongside it. I wanted to keep the oaks, so the basswood had to go.

However, while cutting the tree, I saved some good pieces from its branches. I think I can use these pieces to make beautiful flutes in the future, but I need to let the wood dry a bi. Reason being the wood must retain a touch of moisture, a remnant of its spirit so to speak, to create the melodies that resonate with my heart. In the simplest of terms, the wood must carry a trace of its essence, a whisper of the forest’s breath, to birth a flute of profound beauty.

After finishing with the Basswood Tree, I decided to trim two very old, overgrown apple trees. One of them was a Crab Apple tree, which are rare these days. The other one was a very old Heritage Golden Delicious apple tree. Next spring, I plan to take some branches from the Golden Delicious tree and graft them onto the Crab Apple Tree, just for fun. It should be interesting to see how they grow together.

After that with my lovely wife’s help we cleaned things up and enjoyed a drink or two enjoying the sunshine.

Today I will once again be working here in the house learning more about making these videos.

Have a great day and stay safe as a lot of people are catching COVID these days. I hear, though, it isn’t as bad as the ones before. Which is a good thing. Still … I don’t relish the thought of catching it. GW

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