“Woodworker’s Wisdom:” Let Me Tell You What’s Happening on November 28/2023

“Rise and shine, just like a well-aged oak in the morning sun.”

Good Morning Folks!

Well, I made it to another day. The sun is trying its best to show herself in spite of the north-west wind making it downright cool. Waking up, the temperature was sitting at -11.9 C | 10.58 F. However in saying that, relating to the cold, the temperature will start to rise and will remain warmer for the next few days. Which in turn will give us a touch more snow tomorrow. At least … that is what the birds are telling me. So we will see how that pans out. So far throughout my life my predictions have been pretty well right on the money. Technically I am just passing on what nature is saying, they are the true weathermen/women.

Highway 522 has been very quiet for the past few weeks. As is our town. But in saying that “Our coffee shops are busy, you could say they are the social hub, the place where everyone’s business becomes everyone else’s news. If you want to know who’s dating whom or what Mrs. Johnson’s cat did this time, just order a coffee and eavesdrop. It’s the only drive-thru gossip service in town. Been that way for years and … I hope it never changes, as that is what country living is all about.

And while on the subject of country living, just the other day while heading to my woodworking shop I noticed my wife making a snowman. Yep you heard that right, making a snowman, You hardly see that anymore, but for my wife, well … “Making a snowman is like meditation,” she says. You roll, you stack, and suddenly, you’ve achieved a state of frosty enlightenment/enjoyment. Her snowmen might not be perfect, but they’ve got character, just like the person who build ’em.”

On another note I am still working away here editing a few of the videos I made of making a new desk for my wife’s studio/gift shop out of old lumber I had lying around for the past twenty years or more, other than the legs, for those I purchased some 4×4 rough cut pine from Gary at the Mill here in town. A nice fellow for sure. If you’re ever in need of some rough cut lumber, he’s the feller to see.

Today I will continue on with the editing, and then I will get back to doing some more work in my woodworking shop. It’s not good for an old person to be sitting around too long, if you do things stop working, something like sex, if you get my meaning. Of course that last statement is just between you and me.

With that, I am off for some waffles that my lovely wife is making for me this morning, topped with some of Mike Clappertons world’s best Maple Syrup. Which should give me the energy that is needed to get through the day.

“Wrapping up this morning’s porch talk with a bit of country know-how: Life’s a journey, and every mile is a story waiting to be told. Make yours a good one.” GW

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