“From My View: A Look at December 8/2023 Happenings”

“Mornin’ to you and yours! Let’s make today a tale worth tellin’.”

Looking outside this morning, it is a touch cloudy. But the good news is we didn’t have any more snow through the night, as a matter of fact we did have a lot of our snow melt yesterday afternoon. However, it did take my lovely wife and I all morning yesterday to clean things up. Maybe we should have waited and let nature do it on her own? Hmm.

Highway 522 is very quiet these days. Actually, “Our town is so quiet that the snowflakes apologize for the noise when they fall.” Only in Canada A.

On another note, after we cleaned up the snow around our home, along with our neighbour’s place, I got back to my editing of these videos I have made so far. I actually did quite well, if I do say so myself. Today I will be working away in my woodworking shop, as my wife has a bunch of things she wants me to bring to life. But first a bite to eat is in order, along with a hot chocolate. I gave up coffee awhile back. Why, some might ask. Well, a sip of hot cocoa it seems is just what this old-timer needs to recapture a bit of that youthful vigor. I sure do enjoy it, especially throughout the cold days of winter.

So, I will leave you all with this: “Living where we do, here in the country, I don’t count the days; I make the days count, especially when there’s Hot Chocolate involved, or some Homemade cookies, that my lovely wife has made for me.” GW

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