“Spirit of December: Hear the Stories of What’s Happening Near Our Home”

“Rise and shine, folks! Another day to gather wisdom.”

Good Morning!

First off I would like to say I was away for a couple of days on business which is the reason I wasn’t putting out any content here at my Blog. But I am back now and things will be back in full swing.

Moving along, it is a cloudy morning here getting out of bed. And we did have a dusting of snow through the night. Not enough to warrant me to bring out my snowblower. However, it has cooled down a lot to where I am back to lighting my wood stove in my woodworking shop along with the wood furnace here in our home. I have to tell you it sure if feeling good.

Highway 522 is partially snow and ice covered in certain areas this morning, and walking to my shop I noticed we are having an uptick in traffic. I chalk it up to Christmas with folks heading into the big cities to spend some money. You could say that winter might be givin’ us a chilly howdy-do, but the holiday spirit’s warmin’ up them engines. For my wife and I we are all set. We have everything we need including a nice turkey which will make us a tasty meal come Christmas day. And to top things off, we will have Karl, one of our sons, coming for a few days over the holidays.

Christmas, to my lovely wife and I? Well, I would say it’s like plantin’ seeds of kindness and watchin’ ’em grow. It’s about sharing what you got, even if it’s just a smile or a warm cup of cocoa. And if you ask my wife, she’ll tell ya, “The best present you can give is a piece of your heart.” So, we may not have all the fancy jingles or glittery lights, but we got the wisdom of our elders, and the joy of a simple act of kindness. And it should be noted that for my wife and I, Christmas isn’t wrapped up in religious doctrine; it’s more about the spirit of Santa Claus that dances through the air like snowflakes in a gentle breeze. Now, don’t get me wrong – we respect everyone’s beliefs like we respect a good apple pie recipe – but for us, it’s less about hymns and more about ho-ho-hos.

With that bit of Christmas Logic flowing through your mind, I am off for a bite to eat, an English Muffin with an egg and cheese to be exact, and will then head on out to my woodworking shop.

Have a great day. GW

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