“Back Forty Reflections: Life Lessons from an Old Timer on Dec. 19/2023”

“G’mornin’, where the rooster’s crow is nature’s alarm clock.”

It’s a cloudy morning here, waking up in cottage country. And it is downright cool. I might have to put a jacket on when I head on out to my woodworking shop. The temperature is the coldest so far this winter, with it sitting at -9.9 C | 14.18 F. But we are closing in on January, which are our two coldest months of the year. In saying that, though, in another 8 weeks we are back into spring. So for those that don’t like the cold, it’s not all that bad.

Highway 522 is pretty well bare, but there are some snow covered areas, along with a touch of ice here and there. So care should be taken if out and about, at least till the sun comes out, which we should see a bit later on this morning. Actually, though, the highway is quiet these days and I have always said, “you know you’re in the country when the traffic jam is just a bunch of folks waving hello from their front porches.”

We did have around 2 inches of new snow through the night, not enough that I have to wake up my snowblower, which is fine with me as I don’t feel like moving snow this morning. As I’m clockin’ in more years, I’m not too keen on this cold weather. That’s why I’m stickin’ with our reliable wood heat. There’s just somethin’ about it – no other heat source on this earth can beat wood when it comes to thawin’ out these old bones. It’s like a warmth that seeps right through to your very core.

Closing this morning’s northern chat with a sprinkle of frosty humour and a cup of hot cocoa: “Life, much like a northern winter, can be cold, but a warm heart and a hot cocoa make it a delightful adventure. Here’s to warmth and laughter in your day.” GW

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