Maple Syrup & Mistletoe: A Backcountry Christmas Delight on Dec 20/2023

Good Morning. “Like the fields, each day holds its own wisdom waiting to be harvested.”

It’s a cloudy morning, waking up in cottage country. However, it isn’t all that cold with the temperature sitting at -0.4 C | 31.28 F. We did have some snow yesterday, but my lovely wife and I did head off to the big city of North Bay to pick up a few things that we needed for our Christmas Dinner. While there we picked up some takeout and enjoyed it in our car while people watching, Had a coffee and headed on home taking in nature as it unfolded around us. It was cloudy going in but nice and sunny coming home and while we were there. It seems the further north we go, the nicer the weather is. But our small town does sit right in an area that if anyone gets snow, we do. Which is nice in some ways.

On another note, I will be jumping back into the woodworking routine today after a break yesterday. Got some rearranging to do in the shop, moving machines around to make shooting videos for my YouTube Channel easier, along with making it easier to move around.

It’s also really nice to see people liking the videos. I am getting emails and calls daily, with folks asking where to catch them. I keep saying they’re a bit rough around the edges, and I am still learning the ropes, but people don’t seem to mind. It’s nice though to know folks are enjoying the content. Here’s to making the setup smoother and continuing the woodworking journey, along with other things, sharing what I learned over the years. I have always figured, as my Dad before me, that, if we don’t share what we know, once we are gone it is gone too, but if we share it the knowledge can carry on long after we have moved on.

As my good friend Grey Wolf used to say, “Life is like learning from everything around us. Imagine it’s a bit like a journey, a journey where every day is a new lesson. Just like how we learn from the stories of the wind and the wise words of those who came before us.” I sure miss that old feller.

With that, you have a great day. GW

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