“New Beginnings in the Countryside: Setting Goals for the Year Ahead on Dec. 28/2023”

Good Morning! Another sunrise, another chance to enjoy the humour of small-town life, where everyone is a character.

Once again, it’s a cloudy day here in Cottage country. However, it is still quite warm with the temperature sitting at 3.5 C | 38.3 F. Walking out to my woodworking shop this morning it felt more like spring. The grass is greening up and the birds were chirping, can’t get much better than that. I sure do like living in the country.

On another note, yesterday once again I worked away here in front of my computer. You know, my idea for a good number of years relating to high-tech was a good pair of overalls and a pitchfork. Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t anti-technology; I just preferred my gadgets to have four legs and a tail. Today, though, I have enjoyed a few of these so-called modern marvels, which in turn you could say has given me a new outlook on life. Which is what I think is needed to stay healthy. One needs a reason to get out of bed.

With that, I am off for a bite to eat that my lovely wife is preparing for me.

You all have a great day and stay safe. There is a lot of sickness around these days. GW

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