“Cottage Comforts in the Great White North: Life Beyond the Pines on January 7/2024

Good Morning! “Like a snowflake, each day is unique up here in the north – filled with its own beauty and a touch of country charm.”

So it has been a few days since my last post and folks are letting me know wondering where I am at, with all the E-Mails I have been getting,

Well, truth be told I have been real busy the past few days with looking after my lovely wife as she had food poisoning which put her in bed for a while, but she did recover quick which was a good thing. After she got better I got a deal on a large 24-inch Delta Scroll Saw so we had to go and pick it up, which took a good day. And now I am in the process of fixing it up to its natural glory, along with finding a spot for it in my woodworking shop. Actually, my shop is made up of old equipment that has gone through the test of time. Something like myself, actually. And along with all that, I have been busy editing some YouTube Videos and putting them on my Channel, which is doing quite well. It’s nice to see folks hanging in there, while I get used to making them. So yep, I have been quite busy.

Now that my little woman is back to herself, things will be a lot easier. One thing is for certain, that housework can kill an old feller. Truth be told, anyone that says woman’s work is easy, well they don’t know what they are talking about.

Highway 522 is partially snow covered this morning, and overnight we did have an inch or so of new snow. Hardly enough to warrant me waking up my old snowblower. The highway is also still quiet these days as are all our businesses, but it is that time of year, and it’s to be suspected, The thing is we live so far off the beaten track, it is a challenge for anyone to reach us. Sure, some businesses might be scratching their heads about our slow pace, but my wife and I feel there’s a beauty in simplicity. You see, we moved here for the quiet symphony of wind rustling through the leaves, not the sound of sirens and traffic or dealing with all the politics in farming anymore. Not that I didn’t like farming as it was my passion, let’s just say it was time to move on and get to doing new things, which is what my wife and I are all about.

You could say that there’s wisdom in the simplicity of life here, where a cup of cocoa warms the soul as much as the crackling fireplace warms the toes. Which is what I am about to enjoy right now with my lovely wife.

“Well, that’s me for today. Life’s like a rooster – it’ll crow again tomorrow. Sip your hot coffee/hot cocoa, laugh a little, and let the day strut on.” GW

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