An Old Feller’s Ode to the Simple Life on January 8/2024

Good Morning Folks! Another sunrise, another chance to outsmart the cold.

But in saying that it isn’t all that cold out there waking up in cottage country. Getting out of bed, the temperature was sitting at -3 C | 26.6 F. Well, I guess it is cold to some, but up here in the north unless the temperature drops below 0 F most don’t even think about putting on their long handles.

Highway 522 is clear of snow this morning, which will make travelling fair. I say fair as there is some snow in the forecast for later on in the day and into tomorrow. We could see a lot … or just a few inches, it kind of depends on which way the storm is going to track. I do know the folks that own snowmobiles are sure wanting the snow, along with the temperature, to drop so they can get out and enjoy their machines and take in what nature has to offer. At any rate, we are edging into the middle of January, so spring isn’t all that far off. Personally, I am happy with the weather so far this winter, as the less snow we get, the less cleaning my wife and I have to do. But then again we do enjoy being out there, as it keeps us fit, and there is nothing sweeter than our fresh northern air, especially in the morning hours.

On another note, I worked away in my woodworking shop all day yesterday making room for a new addition. My lovely wife asked how I made out when I came in for supper, and I told her.

“Actually, I managed to organize things so efficiently that I now find myself with even more space than I had initially. It’s even crossed my mind that there might be room for a few more additional items.” She just gave me the look. You MEN folk know what that is all about. Right!

This morning I did put another log in my shop stove and might do some more work out there later on, but first I am planning on getting used to this new camera I bought for making YouTube Videos. I have to tell ya, it sure has been a chore learning all these new things, along with editing. But I am getting the hang of it, and every new video I make gets a bit better.

And while on the subject of my YouTube Channel, I would like to say thanks to all those that have subscribed and watched my videos. It’s nice to see, so many are enjoying them.

“Well, that’s my cue to mosey along. Life’s like a square dance – take a spin, enjoy the do-si-do, and tip your hat to tomorrow. Have a great day!” GW

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