Old-Time Insights of What’s Happening on January 17/2024

Good Morning! Another sunrise, another chance to let the wisdom of tie-dye shirts and bell-bottom pants guide us through the day.

It’s a bit cool here, waking up in cottage country with the temperature sitting at -9.7 C | 14.54 F.

Highway 522 is snow covered this morning after the snow we had through the night. I would say we had another three inches or so, but the good news is it’s still light and easy to move. The highway is also still quiet these days other than our daily gossip that is norm for most small towns. It seems that Sippin’ hot coffee by the fire is most folks confessional booth. I reckon the coffee mugs have heard more secrets than the meeting places here in town. There’s somethin’ about coffee that loosens the lips. Or it could be something that they add to the coffee.

On another note, yesterday I didn’t do too much in my woodworking shop other than stoking my wood stove. I have to admit it sure is nice having a warm shop, something about it seems to draw a feller to it. But then again, our home has the same feeling, so it’s a toss up for this old feller on where to spend his time. I do however enjoy sipping hot cocoa and chatting to my lovely wife. You know, we have been together over fifty some years, and it seems we never run out of things to talk about. And the best part is, all our talks are interesting.

Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to see couples sticking together for more than five years. I think it’s because of how people are raised. From the get-go, it seems like most folks are getting pushed to do things the way others want, instead of having the freedom to do their own thing.

A bunch of these groups and places act like they need to recruit everyone to think just like them, which I think is totally wrong. Anyway, we’re paying the price for it now, but it’s good to see that more young folks are starting to do things their own way. Hmm, not sure how I ended up talking about this, but there you go!

Today I am planning on cleaning up my shop, but first I have to finish doing some work here at my computer which I didn’t finish up yesterday. Put both things together and my day will be full. Not to forget that our driveway is going to need cleaning too. However, it is snowing pretty hard at the moment, so we will let it get it out of its system first.

Well, that’s my rant from the north woods, like a trapper hanging up the day’s catch. Take care, and may your day be as fruitful as a well-set trap line. GW

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