Life in the Northern Country On January 18/2024

Good Morning!

It’s a cold morning, waking up in cottage country with the temperature sitting at -12.6 C | 9.32 F.

The good news is we didn’t have any more snow through the night. Yesterday though was a different story as it snowed all day and I would say we got close to another foot. Especially in front of my shop door. Seems the snow always accumulates there. I swear it does it on purpose. But it does give me a workout every morning first thing.

Highway 522 is still snow covered, which won’t make travelling all that good. Best to stay home today if you can, as there are better days ahead. At least, I hope there is. There also isn’t all that much traffic moving up or down the highway these days,

On another note, I once again worked most of the day yesterday here on my computer, but today I will be out moving snow. The good news is that once again the snow is light, which will make moving it a lot easier.

Other than that, not much else happening in and around our small town on this cold morning.
Have a great day and stay safe. GW

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