What’s Happening in The Frosty North on January 19/2024

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Good Morning to ya, it’s as cold as a well-digger’s handshake!

To get the meaning of that statement, you would/might have had to grow up in that era.

However, it is damn cold out there this morning, with the temperature sitting at -23.3 C | -9.94 F. The good news is, some of that old pine I have had lying around for a few years sure splits nice. I did up a bunch this morning for my shop stove. You could say I worked up an appetite. Thinking about that, years ago on the farm we were always in bed around 7:00 PM and up at 4 AM, reason being … we had to milk the cows and get the cream ready for the fellow that picked it up at 7:30 AM. And along with that, we had a day’s work to do, and laying in bed wasn’t getting it done.

You know as hard as them days were I sure miss them, well … let’s say a wee bit. Today my lovely wife and I still go to bed early, and get up early as our days are full. Which is a good thing as it keeps us young. Thinking about that last statement, I remember Laura, the lady that raised me, saying: Young in mind, Young in body and Heart. And I believe that to be true. As if you think you’re old, you eventually persuade your body to be old. And I also found over the years that I have to keep my mind active, which I have been doing a lot these days. And to top off all that, in keeping busy and doing new things, you don’t have time to dwell on all the problems that others are causing in this old world of ours. I believe there is too much information out there today, especially coming in from our Powers that be, along with other countries. Years ago the only news that was important, or should say … half the news that was important, was what was happening in your own town. Hell, right here in our town, we’ve got more grapevines than a vineyard, and our harvest? Well, it’s a bumper crop of juicy gossip. So beats the hell out of me why we need to look outside our area for news.

On another note, my wife and I worked steadily clearing snow yesterday from our driveway, our neighbour’s deck, along with ours. It took us most of the morning, and we were happy to head on indoors for a hot cup of cocoa when finished. And once again we slept good through the night.

Today being so cold, I might head on out to the old woodworking shop, as I do have some things I want to do. First, though, I will edit some videos for my YouTube Channel that I made, which should keep me busy for part of the day.

With that, it’s time to close the barn door on this morning’s thoughts, like a farmer wrapping up a day’s chores. But first, I am off for some pancakes that my lovely wife is preparing for us. Not to for get Mike Clapperton’s Maple Syrup that we will drizzle over the top of them, along with a Sunnyside up egg on the side. Which in turn … should hold me till lunchtime.

In closing, I Would Like to Wish You Well. GW

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