Country Wisdom: Observations of an Old-Timer On January 31/2024

Good morning from this balmy corner of the North, where January feels more like June. And here it is, the last day of January!

It’s a cloudy morning here in Cottage country, and once again it isn’t all that cold. The temperature waking up was sitting at 0.4 C | 32.72 F. And for the rest of the week the temperature will stay well above the freezing mark, and on top of all that it looks as if we aren’t going to get too many real cold days for the remainder of the winter. And looking even further ahead with nature in mind, it looks as if by the end of March we could do some front porch sitting. But as with anything in nature, to truly find out what’s on her mind … we will have to play the waiting game.

Highway 522 is very quiet these days, quieter than a fishing hole on a frosty morning. But the good news is that the highway has been clear of snow for most parts this winter, which makes travelling pretty good. And for our neck of the woods, that’s something.

On another note, I worked once again in my woodworking shop yesterday for the morning, and in the afternoon I worked on editing some of my YouTube videos, along with writing up a story for my newspaper columns. So all in all a good day, but a busy day mind wise and physically, which is what is needed to stay healthy.

Today I am planning on working away here at my computer. I did however light my shop stove, or should say put some more wood in it, as I have been keeping it going for the past month, which makes it nice for working out there. Once all the equipment gets warm, it hardly takes any heat to keep it warm. You know, when it comes to your house, some folks believe turning down the heat at night is the right thing to do. But let me share a little secret: it’s not. What you want to do is bring the temperature up to a cozy level and keep it there, it’s like having a good friend around. It makes a big difference, let me tell you. So, my advice is simple: keep the warmth flowing, keep it steady, and just enjoy feeling comfortable all the time. Once your furniture, walls and things gets warm, they hold the heat. Let them cool down, it takes a lot of heat to warm them back up.

Fact or Fiction: Every winter, old Gus and his pals would embark on their annual ice fishing expedition, armed with their trusty augers and thermoses of hot cocoa/?. But one year, they returned home with a grand total of zero fish, claiming they were simply “practising their patience” for the next outing.

Kind of reminds me of Barry, my fishing buddy and me.

With that I am off for a bowl of oatmeal that my lovely wife has prepared for me and will then get to work. And remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss, but it sure sees a lot of sights along the way. Keep rolling and stay moss-free! GW

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