An Old-Timer’s Perspective On February 2/2024

Good Morning! The birds are chirpin’, the snow is meltin’, and January feels downright neighbourly today.

It is a bit cooler this morning, waking up in cottage country. It will warm up a wee bit as the day moves forward, but not all that much. Tomorrow, however, it will warm up to above the freezing mark once again. So far, this warm weather we have been having has got rid of a lot of our snow. Which is good in some ways, but not so good in other ways. As warmer weather throws nature out of whack up here in the north. Critters start moving at odd times, plants growing all out of sync, which messes up the whole rhythm of life. It’s like nature’s getting mixed signals. And when that happens, a variety of life takes a hit, and things just ain’t the same.

Highway 522 is still quiet, which is to be expected this time of year. It is also clear of snow and ice, which will make travelling good for those that live in our area, which is a lot, as the closest city is about an hour and a half away. Which my wife and I don’t really mind, as it gets us out of the house for the day. Well, other than the price of gas.

Remember When’s: Reg with Laura looking on, the folks that raised me in the early days, said one time. “George, I can remember when the snow was piled so high that folks had to shovel their roofs before they could open their doors. He would go on to say. “Why, I remember a blizzard so fierce, he’d chuckle, “that we had to dig tunnels just to reach the outhouse!” I would shake my head in disbelief, but I knew that in the north, winter wasn’t just a season—it was a way of life. I sure miss them, folks.

On another note, my lovely wife and I did get to go to North Bay yesterday to pick up some supplies and things. Other than a few showers off and on, it was a great day. We got what we needed, had lunch in our car and headed on home, taking in what nature had to offer. Great day all in all.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal that my lovely wife has made for me and will then see what the day has in store. I do have a few things in mind. Have a great day and remember, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch, but make sure you count your eggs before breakfast!” GW

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