Looking At Life’s Simple Pleasures On Feb. 6/2024

Good Morning Folks! “Like a sunbeam through the barn window, may your day be bright, warm, and filled with the sweet scent of hay.”

Those were the days, getting up at 4:00 AM to milk the cows, feed them along with the others. Not to forget cleaning their stalls. You know, them critters were always happy to see me, and I can’t say I blame ’em, I was the one bringing breakfast. I was always happy to get back to the farm house after milking for mine.

Highway 522 is pretty well clear but being so cold along with a frost through the night I suspect there are some slippery sections one might have to keep an eye out for.

Old Grey Wolf, my friend of years ago, loved to tell the story of the talking trees deep in the heart of the forest where he lived. “They whisper secrets to those who listen,” he’d say with a grin, his eyes sparkling with mischief. “But you have to have patience and an open heart to hear ’em.” I would laugh and shake my head, but deep down, I knew there was truth in his words. For in the stillness of the woods, the trees spoke volumes, sharing tales of ages past and dreams yet to come.

I sure miss our chats, but as much as I miss him, his words have never left me.

I remember listening to another old feller, years ago while enjoying a soda as he went on to say that a friend of his, got caught in a blizzard and ended up spending the night in the abandoned barn on the edge of town. Now, depending on who you ask, he said, that barn is either haunted by ghosts or home to a secret stash of grandma’s moonshine. And I am leaning towards grandma’s…. but you never know. I have to tell you, being young at the time, the tale held my interest.

On another note other than stories, yesterday I traded in my woodworking shop for my desk and worked away on editing another video I took awhile ago. It took me most of the day and will finish it up this morning. After that, I am back to my woodworking shop to make a new axe handle. I am thinking of making a video on how I go about making it. I will see how that goes.

With that you all have a great day and remember, the wind knows no boundaries, and neither should you. GW

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