What’s Stirrin’ in Our Country Haven On Feb. 19/2024

Happy Family Day & Good Morning, where the cold’s nippin’ at your nose and the only thing warmer than the sunrise is the fire burning in my wood furnace and shop stove.

And it is a down right cold morning here, waking up in cottage country. The temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -25.1 C | -13.18 F, but in saying that it was a few degrees lower through the night.

The crunching while walking to my woodworking shop was like the sound of gravel under an old truck’s tires. Truth told, it brought back some memories of years past. Winter isn’t finished with us yet, which in some ways is a good thing, as there are folks that rely on the freezing temperatures so they can make ends meet.

On another note, my wife and I were kept busy yesterday cleaning snow from our decks/neighbor, along with our driveway and trails that I make, so I can get to my wood pile for my shop stove. I have to tell you, we both were ready to sit down when all said and done. I am happy though we did it yesterday in the afternoon, as if we didn’t, it would be really hard to move with it being so cold this morning. Once again, my instinct paid off. It’s a gift every human has, but not many people use, or for that matter know it exists. I was taught it by my elders while growing up, something that isn’t done that much anymore. Darn shame too.

Today being so cold, I will work away here in the house for a bit, and then will head on out to my shop, as I have a few projects that I want to make. So all in all, my day as my wife’s will be full. She has been steadily keeping busy working on orders along with getting new things done up for our small gift shop for spring, along with her regular housework and cooking meals. She’s a busy lady.

Highway 522 is partially snow covered and there are some icy sections throughout.

Politician Humor: It was said many years ago, that you can’t trust a politician any more than you can trust a rooster in a hen house – they’ll crow all day, but they ain’t laying no eggs. Pretty well the same as it is today.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal and a grapefruit that my lovely wife is preparing for me and will then get to doing something.

Have a great day and remember: “Sometimes you’ve got to climb a few fences to see what’s on the other side – just don’t get caught in the barbed wire.” GW

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