Morning Tales Unravel Here in Cottage Country on Feb. 20/2024

Good Morning, where the critters are stirring like they’re plotting something mischievous, and the coffee’s brewing like it’s got secrets to spill!

Heading out to my shop this morning, I soon noticed it’s a lot warmer this morning than it was yesterday. Which in turns means it won’t take all that much wood to heat our home or the shop. I have to admit, there is nothing that can compare to wood heat. Other than hot water. Years ago when we had our farms we installed into our home we built. We sure liked it.

On another note, yesterday I did do a bit of work in my shop and outside playing around with a few things. I also made a video which I will share with folks on my YouTube channel in the coming days. I try and put one new one on a week. So far, it’s been a real hit with folks wanting to see what this old feller is up to. One that I put on a few days ago is now reaching the 100,000 viewers. And people are subscribing daily to see more as I make them live. I have to say I am pretty amazed at how many folks are interested in how we did things years ago.

Highway 522 is pretty well bear this morning, which will make traveling good for those in need of things in the larger towns and cities. We don’t go all that often but every so often my wife and I get the urge to go see what the other half is doing, along with picking up a few things that can’t be found here in town.

Politician Humor: How does a politician resemble a stubborn mule?
Well, they both refuse to budge unless you dangle a carrot or two in front of ’em! And even then when they do move, the things they do, most of the time, costs the working man more money.

With that I am off for a bowl of porridge and a half a grapefruit that my lovely wife once again is making for me. I’m a pretty lucky guy to have a woman like her.

Have a great day and remember, “Trouble is like a stray dog; if you feed it, it’ll keep coming back for more scraps.” GW

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    1. Hi Mary, nice to hear from you. I hope you are keeping well these days. If you’re ever in the area, drop by and say hello, it would be nice to see you. Have a great day, and thanks for saying hello. GW

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