Deliverin’ the Latest of What’s Happening on Feb. 22/2024

Good morning, where the stillness of the morning air reminds us to pause, breathe, and appreciate the quiet moments that make country living so special.

It’s a foggy morning here in cottage country, caused by the temperature being a touch warm meeting the cold snow. However, the sky should clear as the morning progresses, with the sun breaking through, giving us some Vitamin D3, which is what we all need to stay healthy. If more folks were taking it as a daily supplement throughout the winter months, and getting outside into the sunshine in the summer months, there would be a lot less trips needed to the doctor’s office. Another thing about vitamin D3 is that these so-called specialists in my mind should be making it part of your check-up, that is for those that gets a check-up. Others like myself, we pretty well know what is wrong with us, and lean towards fixing things on our own. But that is the way things were back in my day, and I never really changed. My old doctor retired now told me George no one knows your body better than you, all you need me for is to chat too about the things you can do yourself. Nice man for sure. It’s hard to find a doctor these days that will take the time to sit and talk to you about things. Another doctor I had many years ago owned a farm like we did and when I went to chat to him most of our chat was about what kind of fertilizer we were going to be putting down on our grapes. Had some great talks too.

Highway 522 is bare this morning, which will make traveling good for those heading on into the larger towns or cities.

On another note, that is exactly what my lovely wife and I did yesterday as we decided being a nice warm day to go into North Bay and pick up a few things that we were in need of. Had a good trip there and back, had lunch at a restaurant there in town, picked up a decaf coffee and headed on home while chatting away to each other, which by the way we are good at. As we have been at it for a good number of years. As a matter of fact, my wife and I are going to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary next month. Hard to believe as it seems like just yesterday when we got together. Hard to find folks that stay married that long anymore, but there are a few of us old timers still kickin’.

Politician Humor: Years ago, a feller asked me, “George, how does a politician resemble a leaky roof?” “Beats me,” I replied.
“Well, I’ll tell ya. They promise to fix it, but you end up with a bigger mess when they’re done!” I believe that to be true. More so these days.

With that I am off for a bowl of oatmeal and a grapefruit from Florida this morning which will give us some added Vitamin C.

You have a great day and remember, “Troublemakers are like weeds; they’ll pop up wherever there’s fertile ground, but a good gardener/farmer knows how to pull them out.” But hey, I’ve decided to see the bright side – they may be a nuisance, but they sure do contribute to the circle of life! Trouble today, fertilizer tomorrow. GW

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