What’s Happening in Our Neck of The Woods on Feb. 25/2024

Good Morning! “Another day dawns, another chance to see the world with eyes weathered by time and warmed by memories.” Speaking for myself, of course.

Walking to the woodworking shop this morning, I found the air isn’t as cold as it has been for the past two days. Which means spring is in the air, but in saying that we can still see some not so good weather living where we do.

Highway 522 is quiet this morning, which is to be expected, especially this time of year.

Remember When: Years ago, I remember when a handshake was as good as gold and a man’s word was his bond. Nowadays, you need a lawyer just to say hello.

On another note, yesterday I worked away here at my computer along with feeding my shop stove and our furnace here in the house. My wife she kept busy as usual with her housework, which is never ending, along with looking after me, and trying to keep up with her orders for our gift shop. Busy lady for sure.

Today I am thinking of doing some work in my shop, but we will have to see how that works out, my old body hasn’t been up to par for the past couple days.

With that I am off for my breakfast that my lovely wife is preparing for me, and will then see what takes place. One day at a time, sometimes … one hour at a time.

You all have a great day and remember: “Life in the north is like maple syrup – slow to boil, but oh-so-sweet in the end.” GW

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