Catchin’ Up on Our Small Town’s Happenings on Feb. 26/2024

Good Morning: Where each sunrise is a reminder that yesterday’s troubles are but stepping stones to today’s triumphs. Or in other words, without yesterday, the future would hold no interest.

It’s a beautiful morning here in Cottage country. The sun is shinning, bringing happiness into one’s mind. It seems I always feel better inside when I start the day with sunshine. Maybe it’s the farmer in me, as many a morning while heading back to the orchards years ago, I would have to set down and look up at the sun and take in what she had to offer. I miss my farming days, but I don’t miss the politics that started to surround it. As it is today. These fellows sit in their fancy offices and truth told, most doesn’t know one end of a pitchfork from the other.

So yesterday I did manage to head on out to my woodworking shop and worked away on a new axe handle for an axe I found awhile back, while transplanting some raspberry plants out behind our house. I call them hidden treasures, and I suspect there are millions of items hidden below the earth, waiting for someone to come along and bring them back to their natural glory. You know, I sorta feel bad for ’em. But hey, I’ve always been like that, I treat my tools and stuff like they’re alive. Truth is, they kinda are, in a way. Just like us, as they’re made up of all those tiny molecules and stuff. We’re not so different from them when you think about it.

Today I will carry on as I have a good portion of it finished, but first we are going to have to clean our driveway and our decks of snow, as we did have around 4 inches or so of new stuff, which started around supper time last night for an hour or so. Doesn’t take long to build up where we live here in the north. At any rate, we will be getting some exercise, that’s for certain.

Politician Humor: Politicians are like the weather here in Cottage Country – if you don’t like it, just wait five minutes, and it’ll change! The trouble is, it ain’t always for the better.

With that, I am off for a bit of nourishment that my lovely wife is making for me, and will then mossy on outside and wake up our shovels and snow blower.

Have a great day and remember: Here in the north, we measure distance not by miles, but by the stories shared along the way. Or at least I do. GW

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