Rainy Morning Happenings on February 28/2024

Good morning, where the only rules are the ones nature sets, and we’ve learned to live by them without complaint.

We are all waking up to some rain and wind this morning here in cottage country, and along with that the temperature is sitting at 55F. I didn’t even need a coat on, walking to my woodworking shop this morning to feed my shop stove. Saying that, I won’t be needing to feed it all that much today, being so warm.

We also lost 3/4 of all our snow through the night and looking around I am seeing some green instead of white for a change. However, as I pointed out yesterday the warm weather will be leaving us for a day or so, and we could see some freezing rain or snow later on today, as the temperature will drop considerably. But after tomorrow things will be warming up real fast. So we are in for a mixed bag of weather today and into tonight.

On another note, yesterday I did do some work in my woodworking shop, and in the afternoon I worked away here at my computer. Always feels mighty fine to look back on a day and see it well spent. I can’t abide wasting precious hours just twiddling my thumbs.

Today I will do some more work here at my computer, as I have a story I want to write for my newspaper columns, and a video that needs editing, after that I will mosey on out to the shop for a spell and clean up the mess I made over the past few days. I sure am good at messing things up, let me tell ya. But then again, when I see all them shavings lying around, I know I accomplished a lot.

Politician Humor: Politicians are like old hound dogs – they bark a lot, but when it comes time to hunt, they’re nowhere to be found!

In closing, I will leave you with this: “The older I get, the more I realize that life’s like a good stew. It may take time to simmer, but the flavors just keep getting better.”

Have a great day. GW

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