Quick Updates on What’s Happening In Cottage Country on Sunday, March 3/2024

Good Morning, where the earth is starting to stir beneath our feet.

It’s cloudy morning waking up, but in saying that we should see some sunshine as the day moves forward. And the temperature will also rice a lot more than it was yesterday. There is no reason why we here in the north shouldn’t be able to do some front porch sitting later on in the day. The temperature waking up was sitting at 2.5 C | 36.5 F.

While on the topic of weather, it should also be noted that Karl, our son, fixed the weather station, and it is back up and running better than ever. Without him looking after things, our weather station wouldn’t be functional. Karl’s efforts ensure we get accurate updates, keeping us informed of what is taking place. You could say he’s indispensable to our community, working behind the scenes.

Highway 522 is bare and dry, which will make traveling good.

Politician Humor: Why did the farmer say politicians are like a maze?
Because they talk in circles, and you always end up lost trying to follow their logic! More so these days!

On another note, yesterday I worked the day away in my woodworking shop, got lots done and put together another video regarding how to make trivets. I made one for my lovely wife years ago, and it has become a bit shabby. So decided to make another, which I did, and today I will make a few more for our gift shop. They are tricky to make, well … the way I make them, but once all said and done it’s worthwhile. Which I will show you when I make the video public.

With that, I am off for my bowl of porridge that my little woman is preparing for me, and will then head on out to my shop. I think! As truth be told, I usually start off in one direction and end up doing something totally different. But I never question my day’s events.

You all have a great day and remember: “Here in the north, the winds may howl, but they carry the whispers of generations past, guiding us through the storms of today. Without the past, there is no future!” GW

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