Muddy Boots and Warm Coats in Northern Ontario on March 9/2024

Good Morning! It’s that time of the year when the sun rises higher in the sky, melting away the last of old man winter.

Well, let’s hope so, but living here in the north, surprises are never ending, weather wise. The good news is, that my wife and I did manage to get all our gardens and grounds cleaned up yesterday. It took us two full days to get it done, which I don’t figure is too bad considering our age. But then again, I have always said. Life’s all about how you see things. If you go around thinking you’re old, well, you’ll start feeling old. And with all them years on my back, I found that they have taught me that age ain’t just about the years ticking by. It’s about the fire inside, the spark that keeps you going. I think if you keep your mind/body sharp, stay open to new experiences, and surround yourself with positivity. Well … that’s how you stay young at heart, no matter what the calendar says. But hey, what do I know? Just sharing a bit of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way.

Highway 522 is wet this morning and will remain that way right up till around 11:00 AM. In saying that, traffic has picked up some, with more locals moving around a bit more. You could say that the world is coming back to life, and our little northern town is waking up with a unique charm all of its own. Which is nice to see!

Politician Humor: My old Dad used to say: “A politician’s promises are like seeds in the wind – you never know where they’ll land or if they’ll grow anything worthwhile.” Hasn’t changed much over the years.

Today being that it is raining I am planning on editing another video, and in between things, I will bug my lovely wife. She is busy doing the wash, which takes most of the day. She likes to do it on weekends when the hydro rates are down. Not much, but every little bit helps. You know … hard-working gals like her are a rare find these days, and I have been very fortunate to have found mine.

Hmm, do you think that might get me a cup of hot cocoa with some marshmallows on top, and one or two of her homemade cookies a bit later on?

With that, I am off for my breakfast that my lovely wife has made for me, that consists of some Porridge made from Quaker Oats. It’s been around for as long as I can remember. Nothing better on this old earth of ours, for keeping your heart ticking away as it should be. I usually have it every morning, with a half of a Florida Grapefruit when in season, and a piece of toast.

You all have a great day and remember: Life’s truths ain’t found in grand speeches; they’re whispered in the rustle of the leaves, the snicker of and old dog, and the sideways glance of a crow with a mitten in its mouth. GW

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