Everyday Life In Cottage Country On March 8/2024

Good Morning! Where the frost on the rooftops is a reminder that summer isn’t here yet.

Highway 522 has been picking up traffic wise the past few days. Not too many new folks though, mostly locals moving around, looking for things to see and do. You always know you’re in a small town when everyone waves at each other, even if they’ve never met.

Fact or Fiction? Putting your trust in a chicken before it’s hatched is like waiting for prosperity without putting in the work. Some say that policies here in Canada have made some folks idle dreamers, forgetting the hard work needed to thrive.

On another note, yesterday my wife and I worked the day away cleaning up our property, which we have been doing now for the past couple days. We even managed to transplant a few trees and shrubs, that we wanted to do now for the past couple years. We now have some trimming to do on some of our trees, which I might get to today, while my wife works on cleaning up some more of our gardens. Lots needs to be done this time of year, and it has to be done at the right time. Being a farmer, you learn these things. Truth told, these tasks require timing and intuition, things you can’t pick up in a classroom.

With that I am off for my breakfast that my lovely wife has put together for me, and will then head on outside. As my old Dad used to say. “Up an Adam, George, we’re burning daylight.” I miss that old feller.

You have a great day and I will leave you with this: “Back in the day, we didn’t have fancy gadgets, but we had grit, determination, and a willingness to get our hands dirty, which my wife and I still have today.” GW

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