Old Paths Yield New Discoveries on March 11/2024

Good Morning! Where we are another day closer to warmer weather, longer days, and the simple joys of country living. Pretty hard to beat that every morning. Did you all move your clocks ahead yesterday?

Other than being a touch cool with the temperature sitting at -6.3 C | 20.66 F, it’s looking like a mighty fine day. The sun is shinning, the wind has died down, and the barometer is slowly rising, as it has been all night long. Which is a good sign of what lies ahead, weather wise. And even better, it will warm up as the day moves forward, and tomorrow we should be able to do some front porch sittin’.

Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning, but we do have some snow on the ground, which would amount to about 2 inches. Nothing to write home about.

On another note yesterday, once again I worked the day away here in front of my computer, editing another video, actually this time I put together a slide show of installing a new deck onto our cottage, as I took pictures of how I went about it from start to finish, so it’s not a video, but I have to say it turned out pretty good, with the help of my lovely wife. I will add it to my YouTube channel and make it public in the days ahead. I try and put on one a week, sometimes two. All depends on how much time I have to spare, as it takes a lot of time to make/edit the videos. Today I will continue on with another, being a bit cold outside.

Politicians: You know, my old dad used to say, “Politicians are like the weather: everyone talks about them, but nobody does anything about them.” But then again, here in Canada it’s always been that way, at least for as long as I can remember.

And ... when their pockets start feeling a bit light, what do they do? Slap on more taxes, swearing it’s for our own good!

With that I am off for my breakfast that my little woman has made for me, and will then get to work. But first, I’ll enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while having a chat with my lovely wife. It’s something we do every morning before we start our day. And you know … we are damn good at it too.

With that, you all have a great day and I will leave you with this: The old one knows that the river may change its course, but it’s the stones in the riverbed that keeps the water flowing. GW

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