Keeping up With What’s Happening Around Our Home Here in Cottage Country on March 20/2024

Good Morning: “Another day, another blanket of snow covering the ground, which reminds us … that winter ain’t ready to let go just yet.”

Heading to my woodworking shop this morning, I would say we had around four inches or so of the white stuff. And the temperature has dropped back down to where it isn’t going to be melting all that fast. But in saying that, warmer weather isn’t all that far off, and here in the north we are used to most of what Mother Nature sends our way. At least for us old timers.

Highway 522 in spite of the snow is bare and wet, which will make traveling fair for those in need of things in the large towns. For my wife and I we pretty well have all we need as we did get to North Bay the other day and picked up what we needed. My wife had a dentist appointment there in town. The deal with our medical system today? Well, some say we’re lucky in Canada because most things are covered. Yeah, maybe to some extent. But the truth is, it’s … the working folks who end up footing the bill. And let’s not forget, the government doesn’t have its own stash of cash. Nope, it all comes from us, the taxpayers. The government doesn’t create jobs in the same way businesses do. Instead, the jobs within the government are funded by taxpayers, essentially by the working men and women who contribute through taxes… and? It’s just us, handing over our earnings so they can do their thing. That’s the real deal, plain and simple.

Anyway, enough of that. Yesterday, I didn’t get to do my post here on my blog, as I got tied up with some other things that needed attention. Today I will be working away here at my computer for a wee bit, then my wife and I will move some snow. I am thinking I will wake up my snowblower one more time. We will see how that goes.

With that I am off for my breakfast that my lovely wife has made for me and will then get to work.

You all have a great day and remember: “Life in the country is a lot like fishing – sometimes you catch a big one, sometimes you’re just happy to reel in a big stick, and sometimes … if you’re like me, you fall asleep with the line in the water!” GW

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