Winter’s Last Whisper Here In The North On April 4/2024

Good Morning! And another day begins here in the great North, where the stars still shine bright, and the only traffic jam is a line of deer crossing the road.

Highway 522 is still very quiet these days, with only the locals moving around, taking in what is going on around town. But as I keep on saying, things will pick up a lot when the weather warms up a bit. Waking up, the temperature was sitting at 0.6 C | 33.08 F, and it will warm up even more as the day progresses.

On another note they were saying we were in for a lot of snow, well…. some were, but in all reality with the temperatures climbing, what we do get won’t last long. We did have an inch or two overnight, but it is melting fast, with the temperature sitting well above the freezing mark. Every day now will be getting warmer, so warm that I will get my lawn chairs out, and set them on our front porch, as my lovely wife and I are looking forward to some front porch sittin’.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything outdoors with the weather not being so good. Luke, a friend of mine, dropped by to say hello yesterday and while chatting he said, “Looks like you didn’t burn as much wood through the winter.” As I have it piled nicely under the lean-to where we keep it dry. An hour after he left, two rows fell over in one huge pile. I guess the ground must have settled, causing it to fall. So…. once it warms up, there now is a bit of work for my wife and I to do. Not that we don’t have anything else to do. Ha ha. Sheesh!

Politician Fact or Fiction: Ever notice how politicians are like the weeds in the garden? They’ll sprout up everywhere, choke out the good stuff, and still expect you to water ’em!

With that, I am off for my morning bowl of Porridge with some dark brown sugar that my lovely wife is making for me. None of that light brown stuff. The darker it is, the more molasses is in it, which in turn is very good for what ails ya, especially for removing inflammation.

You all have a great day and I will leave you with this: “In the country, we don’t just count the days, we make the days count – whether it’s planting seeds, sharing stories, or just sitting on the porch and watching the world go by That my friends is what country living is all about.”

Fishing Times For Thursday

Major Times
8:49 AM-10:49 AM
9:17 PM-11:17 PM

Minor Times
4:43 AM-5:43 AM
2:04 PM-3:04 PM

Day Rating I give it a 1-star rating for catching a few. Good Luck!

Patience is Key: Fishing requires patience. Stay calm and wait for the fish to come to you. Sometimes, waiting silently for a while can make all the difference. Actually, life itself is like that. GW

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