Life’s Happenings in the Country on April 25/2024

Good Morning! “Where the to-do list is long, but the joy of living in the country makes every task/job a pleasure.”

It’s a sunny morning waking up here in cottage country. However, it is a touch cool with the grass covered with frost. The temperature waking up was sitting at -1 C | 30.2 F. It will warm up considerably as the day moves forward, and tomorrow even warmer. Front porch sittin’ weather for sure!

So knowing that my wife and I will get to working outside on our fishpond, that we have in the works. I would like to get the liner installed today if possible. The thing is it has to be warm enough, as the liner is thick and hard to move around. So it needs to be laid out in the sunshine for a bit, to soften things up before we can install it. But once all said and done, it will be a nice-added feature to our property.

Highway 522 is as dry as Granny’s biscuits on a Sunday morning. However, there are a few cars moving around this morning, mostly locals taking in what is happening around town. Just your normal day occurrence, as it is with most small towns. And you can’t forget the gossip, it’s hotter than a skillet on a stove. By the time the rooster crows, everybody knows who’s been stirring the pot. Oh! And Granny’s biscuits weren’t all that dry if you added some fresh churned butter on top of them.

On another note, yesterday I worked the day away in our woodworking shop on a new bench that we will put out by our new fishpond. It’s taking a bit of work, but it will be nice when all finished up. There is always something going on around our home.

Wisdom I have learned: “There’s a story in every sunrise and a lesson in every sunset. Living in the country most of my life, I have learned to read the sky like a book, to know when rain’s a-coming or when a frost is on its way. It’s a kind of wisdom you can’t learn from books or fancy schools—it’s written in the land itself, in the whisper of the wind and the song of the birds. And if you listen close enough, you’ll hear it too!”

With that I am off for my morning breakfast that my lovely wife is making for me, or should say, has made for me, and will then get to doing something, that is after we have our morning chat while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa. It’s the secret to a long marriage, amongst other things.

You all have a great day, and I will leave you with this: “In the country, we are not separate from nature; we are a part of it. To live in harmony with the land is to honor our ancestors and preserve the legacy for future generations.”

Fishing Times For Thursday

Major Times
1:11 AM-3:11 AM
1:35 PM-3:35 PM

Minor Times
6:12 AM-7:12 AM
10:10 PM-11:10 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 4-Star rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of the Day: “Fish can smell ya coming a mile away. Move slow, talk quiet, and don’t go stomping around like a bull in a china shop. Sneak up on ’em, and you’ll have better luck.”

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