New Day, Old Wisdom on June 29/2024

“Good mornin’! Start the day slow and steady, like a good ol’ tractor… that sometimes needs a push to get going.”

Well, the long weekend is upon us, and we are all waking up to some rain. Not that we really need it, as we have had our fair share over the past few weeks. It also hasn’t been all that hot, which I like, as it makes things a lot nicer when working outdoors. Truth told, it has been a great year weather-wise.

You know… over the years, I’ve seen and done a lot. From tending fruit trees on my farm to working on a dairy farm as a boy, to running a tire and landscaping business, and even carving out a woodworking shop. Nowadays, I’m retired and living up north, enjoying the simpler life.

My writing journey has been just as varied. For over 30 years, I’ve penned columns for newspapers around the globe, sharing stories from my life experiences. I’ve published seven books so far, though none of them delve into the sci-fi realm. In saying that, currently, I’m working on a sci-fi mystery novel, hoping it’ll turn into a series.

Speaking of mysteries, there’s one that’s been on my mind lately – global warming. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe we’re seeing changes in the climate, but I also believe it’s part of a larger cycle. Way back when, millions of years ago, carbon levels were much higher than they are today. The Earth has gone through warming and cooling phases long before we humans started driving cars and burning fossil fuels.

But here’s the kicker – while scientists are scrambling to figure it all out, I can’t help but think that maybe Mother Nature is just having one of her mood swings. After all, she’s been around a lot longer than we have, and she’s got a knack for keeping us on our toes.

So… yes we have to do our part, along with being mindful of our planet, but remember – Mother Nature always has the last laugh.

Highway 522 is quiet this morning, likely because it’s early and raining. But I suspect traffic will pick up later on. Tomorrow, we might see more showers in the morning and a lot of clouds, but later in the day, we could be greeted by some sunshine as this weather pattern moves away. It’ll be cooler, though. Monday should be real nice. Perfect timing for everyone to enjoy the last day of the long weekend!

Bug Report: Everything’s fine around here, except for those pesky mosquitoes – those blood-sucking freeloaders!

With that, I’m off for my breakfast… a couple of eggs sunny side up, a couple of slices of bacon, and… a piece of toast for dipping. You know, over the years, I’ve found that the yolk in eggs is what folks should be eating, not just the whites. It’s been proven that yolks hold a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and plenty of other good things that keep a person healthy, especially for the eyes and… well, you get the idea!

You all have a great day, and remember; “If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. Take it easy!” GW

The Best Fishing Times for Saturday

Major Times
6:45 AM-8:45 AM
7:09 PM-9:09 PM

Minor Times
12:42 AM-1:42 AM
2:01 PM-3:01 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 3-Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few if you do venture out there, and don’t forget your raincoat.

Advice from an Old Angler: “When reeling in, try a drift and pause technique. Reel in a bit, then pause. This stop-and-go action mimics an injured bait fish, tempting predators to strike.”

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