Notes Of Appreciation Barb

Hello George

I am so glad you are back writing in the Community Voices newspaper.  That paper is not the same without your bits of advice and wisdom.  Love all the write ups you’ve done!  Keep up the good work!

I’m now looking forward to getting that paper again.

From a faithful reader…..


Update on Column In North Bays News Paper The Nugget

Hi Folks just thought I would let you know that my column is in this week in the North Bay Nugget.  It is a tale about my old Dad in his journey through life.  It’s called,  Old Dad And His Journey Through Life.  Pick up a copy and enjoy.  Talk Soon.

My Jennie’s Look Alike

JennieWell in my stories I write a lot about Jennie,  my horse that I grew up with. We had a lot of good times for sure. I came across this picture on the net. It’s not my Jennie but real close. The only difference would be that Jennie had two white stockings on her front legs instead of the picture here. But everything else is the same and I got to tell you it sure brings back memories when I look at her. Thought I would share. Talk Soon

Notes Of Appreciation Elva

I never miss your column. Love it. Reminds me of my Grandfather Nicholas.
 A gentle hard working orderly person who never wasted a thing in
his life and could make me a whistle or a toy or a very useful item out of
something he knew the exact where-abouts-of. He went overseas during World
War I, and the only stories I remember him telling were in relation to the
kindly and appreciative people he met and the countryside. He raised a
wonderful family of 5 after his wife died in child-birth. Mom was the oldest
and had to quit school at the age of 13 to stay home with her siblings. You
are so right. It WAS a hard life, but those people will never be forgotten.
Thanks for keeping their memories alive.  Elva.
(Just read "It truly was a Family Tree")

Notes Of Appreciation Ed

Very much enjoyed. I read your column this morning and have been busy on Google ever since.

I believe that I enjoyed all the same experiences that you had. To add to yours,each fall we would spend Sunday afternoon,there were five children,

gathering beechnuts,hickory,walnuts. etc. Dad would tie a weight onto a light rope and fling it into a tree and then shake. We kids would be holding a tarp to catch the nuts.

Also,each spring we would do the watercress trip and also we gathered the buds from a tree. These buds were then boiled and a salve was made for cuts mostly as we were butchers and cuts were common.This salve had a very quick healing power.But, my problem is that I can not remember the kind of tree we gathered from. I have a feeling it was an Aspen but I am not certain.I am in my eighties so it was a long time ago.Any help would ease my mind.

There is a name that sticks in my mind,at least something like “babaygilan”.In the Bible it speaks of salve being used on the women of Babylon so there may be some connection. My Dad was a self-educated but a well-read man. Perhaps that was his name for it.

And so ,Mr Walters,thank you again for an interesting read.


Notes Of Appreciation Darryl

Hello George

You do not know me but I feel I know you.
The reason I feel I know you is due to the fact I have become a big fan of
your column in the Community Voices
Not sure how I started checking it out but I have been enjoying it for some
time now....I am guessing we are a generation apart and as such I did not
experience most of the experiences you describe but I have heard similar
ones from my father. (just this past thanksgiving we had our dinner at the
hunt camp and I watched my dad show my sons where his father had built him a
hobby horse between 2 trees some 60 years could still see the
boards in the trees)
Their is something comforting in listening to stories of yesteryear
Anyhow, I know in life we often fail to recognize people who unknowingly
bring smiles into our lifes... I just wanted to let you know you have a fan
who certainly looks forward to your musings each week
PS: another great one this week about the horses.


Notes Of Appreciation Chris

Good day

just wanted to say i am enjoying reading your columns

look forward to see where and what you are going to choose for a topic.


Notes Of Appreciation

This was concerning a story I wrote awhile back called Grocery Shopping.

Greetings Mr. Walters:

My husband and I have discussed this issue at great length

over the holidays.

We are appalled at the rudeness you endured.

Having raised three beautiful daughters we are confident that neither one would ever treat a customer in this manner.

The clerk is wrong, she is paid to perform these small tasks in order for the establishment she is working for encourage customers to return and therefore secure more profit for the store. (the one who is paying her wages)

Since when is it part of any job description to be rude to a customer?

As for the accusation of stealing the bread, it was at the very least

unacceptable actions on the part of the young man who took you into the store.

He should have returned to the outside and apologized to you in front of the starring public.

As for the opening of doors, why on earth should anyone change their habit of politeness to a accommodate the new generation?

We personally are so tired of people using the phrase ( politically correct or the modern way) as an excuse for clearing the world of all that is decent.

My husband opens doors, pampers me and our family and says thank you to everyone who shows any act of kindness.

We all think he is wonderful and I do not want my husband or anyone else changing their lifestyle including you for I may be the next women that you open the door for and believe me I will say

Thank You.

Friends of the Polite Generation.

Notes Of Appretiation Lana

We wish to thank you so much for the lovely visit and good old fashioned
hospitality. Could you please forward your mailing address for mom.   thanks
again , mom was sooo thrilled and happy. Lana

Not Of Appreciation From Lana

Hello Mr. Walters. My name is Lana and I was wondering if I could
bring my 81 yr. old mom for a drive to your place tomorrow? Mom (me TOO)
loves your articles and has told me she'd love to meet you and I would also
love to see your garden. Seeing it's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow and
we can enjoy the fall leaves on our journey I thought I'd surprise mom as
she's mentioned a few times already she would love to go to your place. I
have no intention of staying for long maybe 30 min. max.  If this is
agreable ,and you have no other plans tomorrow please email your directions.
 Have a good evening, Lana

Author, Columnist, and Podcaster