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Episode 46: changing times

Episode 46: Hi folks. Today I have another great Podcast lined up for you. I hope you enjoy …. Changin Times. Along with what my views are, on some other items. Have a great day.

Episode 45: Changes in Life

Episode 45: Hi folks. How you all doing? Good I hope. This week I have another great podcast lined up for you. True story, and I am thinking a lot will be able to identify with what is being said. On another note … I would like to once again take a second and thank all those that have sent me Emails, Called and even written me, letting me know that they are enjoying my Podcasts. Makes my day when I get to reading them or hearing from folks. I would also like to thank those that are spreading my Podcasts through the Social Media, as I have many replies coming from there also these days. So with that. I hope you enjoy this week’s Episode: Changes In Life!