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Morning Chat Nov 19/2020

Good Morning! Looking out my window here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada the sun is shinning. But it is a touch cool with the temperature sitting at 3.3 C | 37.94 F. It will warm up some as the day moves forward and, remain somewhat warm tomorrow too. Kind of nice for this time of year. Highway 522 is bare and dry and the traffic has slowed down, now that hunting season is over for the year. I guess I should say … hunting deer with a gun is over, but bow season is still with us till Dec. Mostly locals that hunt with bows in our area. I did hunt with a bow for a couple of years, but didn’t like it that much, so sold it a couple of years ago to a fellow here in town. He said he had good luck with it. On another note my wife’s sor back and mine are on the mend, so we both are happy about that. Not nice not being able to do what you want. But … rest and exercise is the fix. Yesterday I worked on a new Podcast I have lined up and will continue working on it again today. Kind of nice being able to sit in where its warm. With that I am off for my morning cup of tea with my lovely wife. I think I will make it a green tea this morning with a touch of chocolate. Hmm, and maybe a raisin bun thrown in for good measure. LOL Take care, stay safe and do what’s right. Things are getting worse every day here in Ontario and across Canada. Why is that? Well … simply put, there are lot out there today that just doesn’t care.

Episode 46: changing times

Episode 46: Hi folks. Today I have another great Podcast lined up for you. I hope you enjoy …. Changin Times. Along with what my views are, on some other items. Have a great day.

Episode 45: Changes in Life

Episode 45: Hi folks. How you all doing? Good I hope. This week I have another great podcast lined up for you. True story, and I am thinking a lot will be able to identify with what is being said. On another note … I would like to once again take a second and thank all those that have sent me Emails, Called and even written me, letting me know that they are enjoying my Podcasts. Makes my day when I get to reading them or hearing from folks. I would also like to thank those that are spreading my Podcasts through the Social Media, as I have many replies coming from there also these days. So with that. I hope you enjoy this week’s Episode: Changes In Life!