Neck Problems & Tension This Should Help

I gotta’ say this does help after sitting writing my stories for a few hours. GIve it a try sure can’t hurt ya.

1. Relax Your Breathing. If you do nothing else, do this simple breathing technique. Natural breathing is the foundation for the mind and body to relax and for qi to flow throughout the body. Stand in a comfortable position with your feet shoulder width apart, arms at your side, and knees slightly bent. Breathe into your stomach, allowing your abdomen to gently rise on inhale and fall on the exhale. After practicing for a while, this type of breathing often becomes your natural breath and you will feel more relaxed and calm. For a more in depth explanation, read this post.

2. Shake It Out. Maintaining the relaxed breathing, slowly begin to rock your shoulders and arms back and forth. Gradually increase this movement and shake out any tension. Remember to smile and have fun with it. You might even try adding a hardy belly laugh.

3. Gaze at the Heavens and Earth. Standing in the same position, relax your face and eyes. Slowly, bend your neck down and look at the ground, allow your muscles to relax. Then gently raise your head and look up. Try not to focus your gaze on any one particular object, but relax and look into the distance. Repeat this motion for about ten repetitions.

4. Look Both Ways Before You Cross. From a forward looking position, rotate your head to the left. When you have reached your limit, hold your head there for a moment and inhale, then slowly turn your head back to the right. Be careful not to over rotate which can cause pain and injury.

5. Rotate your head. Very very slowly roll your head in circles. Keep your eyes and face relaxed. Start rolling to the right ten times and then to the left. This is great to do in the middle of the day if you have minor neck pain.

Watercress, One Forgotten Veggie

Watercress was always carried with Greek, Roman and Persian soldiers during their campaigns and eaten for its anti-scorbutic properties, to prevent scurvy.

Watercress is used in salads, sandwiches and as a garnish. Good-quality watercress will be crisp and deep-green. Avoid product that has yellow, wilted or slime-spotted leaves.

Smoking in a car with kids could earn you a $109 fine

You know this here thing where these government officials keep on putting these laws in effect is nonsense through my eyes.  I would like to think that us humans here on this earth has the minds and capabilities to do things on our own in a right justice way without the help of the powers that be, forcing it down our throats.  Thing is why the fine? Some say, well, it forces folks to do the right thing. I say that all they want is to make money, same as all the carbon taxes and things they put on items.  Why not just stop making these things that hurt the environment. Again all boils down to money.  Pretty soon one won’t be able to go out of their homes with out spending a dollar anymore. Hmmm, kind of should take that back a wee bit, as I think we are paying it now. My Opinion Only

Low In-Come Families Hmmm

Take A look at this article: The Ontario child benefit available to low-income families will nearly double to $1,100 a year beginning in July, Premier Dalton McGuinty  Dalton Gang, said yesterday. Now my views on this. Why? Well they feel free to tell their side of things so……….I figure I am entitled to my side of things.  Here’s what I think.

Now don’t think I am being insensitive, as I am not.  There is families out there having a hard time.  I do feel though, that a line has to be drawn somewhere.  I honestly feel that families wanting children should sit down and see if they can really afford to have them or not.  My wife and I years ago, did just that. We figured it out that if we couldn’t raise our children with out the help of government, than we shouldn’t be having them.  End results, we had two fine boys and never asked for a nickle, even in hard times. They never went hungry and always had a loving home to live in.  Sure, there are young ones out there that comes from broken homes that need our help, I am not denying that, and yes we should help them. Just that what this government is doing now, is for one thing only, and that is to get votes come next election.  They have to look somewhere, as one doesn’t have to be a lawyer to see what they have done so far, and folks are slowly I think getting the message.

On one other topic here.  The part where it says they are going to build more homes for low income folks, putting thousands of folks back to work.  OK. Now think about that for a moment.  Now here is what I think. Any job that is created by government isn’t good for this country. Why? Simple as any government person getting paid is being paid by us tax payers.  We basically are just paying ourselves.  If all we had was government officials in this country which is almost all we do have, we would soon be a destroyed country. The way one should look at it is, it’s like paying off one credit card with another. It works once or twice, but after that you are in for major hard times.  Simple as that.  We don’t need more government jobs, we need more folks starting business’s here in Canada and I mean Canada, then hiring Canadians, should say Canadians only.  Then money will be created and brought to being the right way instead of through goverments.  Simple as that. Until then we will never go ahead. But, this is what big governments want from you today. They want you to be under their thumb. They want you to be dependant on them. This is not the way to go.  The way to go is to look after yourselves and your families.  Get more self efficient, and get out of debt.  You don’t need all these things that they are throwing at you and more so they shouldn’t be doing it with hard earned tax dollars. I could tell you what I really think of taxes, but won’t, not here in this article anyways.

For me I look forward to getting out of bed each morning knowing that I went through life, not asking for one red cent from anyone, not that they would have given me anything back when anyways. Raising our family on our own, (meaning my wife and I) and building our dream which we have now without any big banking institution or government official, has made my wife and I what we are today.  My Opinion Only.

What One Needs For A Good Salad

I like to get my salad off to a good healthy start by making a bed of leafy dark green vegetables. Lettuce is the traditional favorite, but stay away from the iceberg variety. Its lighter color gives it away as it is low on nutritional value. Choose instead from romaine, green leaf lettuce, and spinach. Better yet, mix in some of each. Baby green spinach is a real good choice too.

Raw Broccoli The Way To Go

Levels of the beneficial, cancer-fighting compound sulforaphane in broccoli are reduced by 90 percent when the vegetable is cooked, so I would think it would be a good idea for folks to get to eatin’ raw broccoli mixed in with their salad.  At the very least once a week.  Thing is you will have to either buy organic or grow your own.  Just one more reason to get  out there this spring and get to planting your own garden. I should say boiled broccoli is better than nothing, just don’t over cook it. Also best to eat it with tomatoes as the combination fights off cancer. My Opinion Only

Also remember my new Gardening book which will be out March 22/2009 great book for sure. Loaded with all kinds of gardening tips, recipies and help in getting that new garden of yours into being.