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Good morning.  Well had a bit of snow yesterday around three inches.  Not enough for me to clean the driveway but enough to help out the snow mobile trails.  Daytime temperature is going to reach 13 °f and then drop to -10 °f later on tonight.   Barometer is reading 29.18 and in a holding pattern. Winds are from the North East at 2 MPH.   The moon today will rise at 10:44 PM and then set at  8:51 AM. It will be Overhead at  3:16 AM and Underfoot at  3:42 PM.  Moon phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 82% percent waning gibbous82% Waning Gibbous.  The sun rose this morning at 7:28 AM and will set at 5:38 PM, giving us 10 hrs. 10 mins. of daylight here in Port Loring. The old weather stick says the best time to be out there ice fishing today will be from 4:00 PM till 6:00 PM.

News For Port Loring & District

Cold weather will be upon us for a few days then things will warm up a touch, which is OK by me.  I am actually really looking forward to summer this year, even more than the past few years.  Can’t wait to get outside and do some front porch sittin’ enjoying the warm southerly breezes, along with soaking in some of that sunshine.  Of course putting that old Giesler Boat in the water will be a priority come spring.  I have to say that out of all the boats that I have ever owned my Giesler has been the nicest.  Some say it takes to much work keeping them in shape, but I haven’t found it that way at all.  I keep mine out of the direct sun when not in use, but other than that it fends for itself.  Great boat and would recommend it to anyone that wants to do some serious fishing. The old saying is, that if your not fishing in a Giesler, your just not fishing.    Enjoy your day my friends, that’s what she is all about.

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