Happenings Around Our Area

Good morning.  Well today we will finally see some sunshine breaking through them clouds. Todays high will reach up to 34F. Winds will come in from the East at 5 to 10 mph.  It is calm at the moment hardly no wind at all. Tonight will be partly cloudy becoming cloudy after midnight. Low tonight will be around 25F. Winds will continue coming in from the East North East at 5 to 15 mph.  The sun did rise at 7:02 AM & will set at  6:01 PM.  Giving us here in Port Loring Ontario: 10 hrs. 59 mins. of daylight.  Gained another; 3 minutes yesterday.  For those wanting to do some ice fishing the old weather stick says the best times to be out there today will be between: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM.  Highway 522 is bare with wet sections. Should be great for traveling if one so chooses to do so.  No snow accumulations over night.

News For Port Loring Ontario

Not to much to report around town. I did make a trip to North Bay on the weekend to visit my son Karl.  He has been feeling poorly these past few weeks, but slowly coming around with the help of a good doctor friend of mine.  At any rate there is no shortage of cars moving around North Bay, or folks not spending money, as every store that I went into we had to wait at the checkouts.  Grocery and Wall-mart the most busiest, coming in second was the gas stations. Should mention that gas is a heck of a price these days coming in at $1.30 a liter.  What should be up there on them signs is the real price.  Should read: $5.20 a Gallon and a gallon doesn’t go very far.  This metric in my eyes was brought on to us for only one thing.  To fool folks into believing things aren’t really that expensive.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  Some call it progress, that’s a laugh. I call it tactics to fool the human race.  And they are good at it too. My opinion only, of course.  Enjoy your day my friends.