It’s that time of year

Well … with the cold weather in mind I decided to split a bit of wood which I cut a few months ago. Should make for some good burning when them cold days of winter arrives. Most of what I am splitting is pine, not the greatest, but really nice for the fall and spring. Also, the pine saves my hardwood for the cold days. I have to admit, I hate to even think of what lies ahead, but one does, have to prepare.

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So thinking a bite to eat is warranted. Salmon lettuce sandwiches and a bowl of home made tomato basil soup, all from our own vegetable garden. On another note, I managed to get our car washed this morning, and wiped down. After lunch, I will put a coat of wax on the old feller. Sure is a nice day for it.

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Harvest Table

Here is a harvest table I made for a customer out of white pine. I turned the legs, then stained it with one coat of Early American and one coat of Golden Oak. Then topped it off with three coats of Oil Urethane. A piece like this will last a lifetime. Happy customer. They used to be a great seller. Today most folks want the modern look.

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Woodworking Shop

Here is a picture of my old woodworking shop I had years ago. It was kind of a sad day, as it was torn down making room for a new subdivision. But … like everything in life, things have a way of ending, in spite of what we humans think we can do.

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Morning Report Aug. 25/19

What can I say? Other than another great looking day. Temperatures did get a wee bit cooler last night. But it is a sign of what lies ahead. Waking up they were sitting at 8.9 C | 48.02 F. Nice day to do just about anything a person wants to do. Winds are light coming in from the North East. Today I will do some front porch sitting with my lovely wife for a bit, then maybe I will see about washing the car. If the urge keeps on going, I might even put a coat of wax on the old feller. My wife named our car, Chase. Actually years ago most farmers named their implements, tractors and of course their horses. Just a natural thing to do. Today they kind of frown at you. To each, their own, I say. With that I am off for my morning coffee and will see what the day has in store for me on her terms. A person can make plans, but you can’t plan the results. Old wisdom, my Dad used to say. Have a great day.

Fishing Times


Good Times
9:00 AM-12:00 AM

Slow Times
4:00 PM-7:00 PM

Today fishing will be so, so. I give it a 2-Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few. If the winds shift from the east things will improve. Good Luck! Stay Safe.