Lunch Time

Lunch Time. I am starting to think that maybe my lovely wife is trying to add a few inches to my waist line. Hmm, but it does look tasty. Home made bread too. She can whip things up so quickly, and the best part what she makes tastes and looks good too.

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Rice Crispy Squares

So my sweet tooth got the better of me today and my lovely wife made up some Rice Crispy Squares. Easy to make, and I am thinking there will be a few left for Halloween too. Maybe. And as you know there are no calories there to speak off. Right?

Home Made Bread

So I got a hankering for some home made bread. The wife being such a nice wife made me some LOL. Along with some Cinnamon Rolls and a few buns thrown in for good measure. I am watching my waist line these days, so these should help things out a bit.

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Our old Farm

Here are a couple pictures of our farm in Beamsville Ontario many years ago. Every grape vine on the left and far back as you can see my Dad and I planted. The grape vines on the left were called Delaware a really nice Champagne Grape. The ones at the rear which goes a long way back were Agawam, Catawba, Concords, Niagara’s and Fredonia. The farm backed up to the Niagara Escarpment. Sitting on the front deck you would look out over Lake Ontario. The little house at the back was a small cottage me and Dad built for Hired Help at the time. Beautiful spot. Miss them days.

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The Old Apron

Here is a piece that I have been wearing in my woodworking shops for many years. The reason I am showing you all this is that a couple months ago we had a visitor that collects old things drop by. You know … he offered me $200.00 for it LOL I couldn’t believe it. Did I take the money? No … I didn’t, money isn’t everything and if that old apron had a voice, the stories it could tell. I guess in one way it does, as just by looking at it I can visualize a lot of things I have made and shops I have owned over the years. Hmm … I wonder if my lovely wife would let me hang it on the wall in the living room? LOL

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Walters Landscaping

Here is a few pictures we took years ago when Ruth and I had a Landscaping business. The picture is one of hundreds of jobs we did. We were at one time the largest Landscaping business in St Catharines Ontario. The picture shows of us installing all new sidewalks at one of the schools, our old truck and Small Loader. If I come upon more pictures I will let you have a look. We also landscaped it while there. Oh … and my back was never the same after using that Jackhammer. I don’t know what it did but I couldn’t walk hardly for a few days.

Our old Clyde

Now here is a picture that was taken many years ago. Me sitting on one of the old Clyde’s we had on our farm. Laura the lady that raised me would let her out of the barn, and she would pick me up at school. I bet there aren’t to many kids that have that in today’s world. The thing was, she was so big I had to climb up on the stone fence at school, so I could get on her. I think she thought it was a fly up there. LOL Thought I would share. You have to admit I was a handsome devil back then huh?

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Our old Fruit Stand

Here are a few pictures of our Fruit Stand, Ruth and I used to have. It was located in Cookstown Ontario, directly across the road from the Penny Restaurant on Highway 27. We had it for a few years. It worked out great as we went to the Orillia Market for Saturday, and then we would finish up the day at our fruit stand. People came from all over to buy our produce. We even got to know the German fellow that owned the Penny Restaurant, and he would buy off us too. Great time in our life but a lot of work and a lot of driving. I was sad to see it go but in another way I was glad. Hard to explain. I miss my old Ford truck in the picture too. Bought it brand new, installed saddle tanks for fuel on it, as we were on the road so much.

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Morning Post Oct 31/19

Cloudy morning for the last day of October here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Today it will be colder with rain and drizzle this morning followed by a mix of snow and rain this afternoon. There is a warning up for our area for snow and icy conditions. Not the greatest day for the young ones that goes out for Halloween. But I suspect they will make the best of it. Temperatures were sitting at 2.3 C | 36.14 F. They will start to drop later on in the day. Yesterday turned out to be quite nice, and we even had some sunshine. Worked out just perfect for my wife and I to do some outside work for a very good friend of ours. Today being not so good we will stay in and I will work away on scanning pictures of the olden days. Never knew we had so many. But when all said and done it will make a nice gift for our boys. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will bend my wife’s ear a wee bit, as we sure enjoy our chats … and our coffee. Have a great day!

Hunting Times


Major Times
4:00 PM-7:00 PM
Minor Times
11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Hunting won’t be the greatest today with the weather being not so good. I give it a 1-Star Rating out of 5. If you do head on out take extra care as things could get a bit icy later on in the day. Good Luck!

Morning Post Oct 30/19

Cloudy morning waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Today we might see a wee bit of sunshine breaking through them clouds. Tomorrow though snow and ice is in the forecast through Friday morning. They have warnings up for our area at the moment. But it is that time of year. Might not be a great Halloween night for the kids tomorrow. But we will see how it goes. Today I have to do some work for a friend and then maybe make a run to the dump. There is always something to do when owning a home. Temperatures waking up weren’t too bad sitting at 1.1 C | 33.98 F. Our weather station is also calling for possible snow later on tonight as temperatures drop. So with that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will let the day unfold around me. Have a great day!

Hunting Times


Major Times
3:00 PM-5:30 PM
Minor Times
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
8:00 PM-9:00 PM

Today hunting won’t be the greatest. I give it a 3-Star Rating out of 5. But you never know. With an approaching storm they might be out and about.

Morning Report Oct 29/19

Looking out our windows here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada this morning, the sun is shinning and looking good. How long will it last? Well … if things goes to plan, we should see some sunshine off and on till Thursday. That’s when things start to change with a bit of winter showing itself. But I figure every day I don’t have to put on my heavy coat, or shovel snow, things are pretty good. Yesterday I got some things done around the house here that needed doing, wrote up a story for my columns and Magazines I write for, and then enjoyed a drink on the front porch with my lovely wife, as it was quite nice outside. We might just get to do that again today. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and see what my wife has in mind. Seems we always have something to talk about. Which is what makes a happy life, wife? Well … what ever. LOL Have a great day.

Hunting Times


Major Times
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
Minor Times
9:00 AM-10:30 AM
7:00 PM-8:30 PM

Today hunting will be good. I give it a 5-Star Rating out of 5. Good Luck and stay safe.

Morning Report Oct 28/19

We all woke up to a few clouds here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. At least it isn’t raining. Yesterday it rained for most the day. We should see some sunshine as the day moves forward, and if we are lucky tomorrow should be good too. But after that things aren’t looking to good weather wise. Yesterday I worked on a few stories in the morning and then got a lot of our old pictures of years ago put on my computer. Takes a lot of time to do that but when all said and done we will give a copy of them to our boys. I never realized just how many pictures we had. But each one is like taking a trip back memory lane. Today we will continue. On another note we have been getting a lot of different birds at our feeder these days. I even seen one lonesome Robin. It won’t be long and most of the summer birds will have left for warmer areas. But others take their place, which is nice. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and then see what develops. Sometimes we make plans on doing things, but they don’t always pan out as planned. Have a great day. GW

Hunting Times


Major Times
1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Minor Times
6:00 PM-8:30 PM

Hunting today should be superb. I give it a 5-Star Rating out of 5. Good Luck and Stay Safe!

Morning Report Oct 27/19

It’s a rainy day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. It looks like the rain will continue on for most of the day. But if we are lucky we should see some sunshine tomorrow. The heat from the furnace is feeling good this morning. Not that it is really that cold with temperatures sitting at 8.6 C | 47.48 F, but the dampness is another story. My Dad when he was alive could tell exactly what the weather was going to be, by the aches and pains throughout his body. I have to admit he was usually correct with his predictions. On another note, I did manage to write up one story yesterday, I got distracted for a bit there chatting to my lovely wife. Seems we always have something to talk about, and you know? We are good at it too. Today I will work away here on the computer with the weather being as it is. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will see what the day has in store for us. Have a great day.

Hunting Times


Major Times
12:00 PM-3:00 PM
Minor Times
6:00 PM-7:30 PM

If it wasn’t for the rain hunting would be pretty good today. But such as it is, I give it a 2-Star Rating out of 5. Good luck and if out there take care as things can get a bit slippery in the bush. Or anywhere for that matter.

Morning Report Oct26/19

Not a bad day shaping up for us here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning for a change, which makes things just that much better. Temperatures this morning are a touch cool sitting at -0.6 C | 30.92 F. It will warm up some as the day moves forward. Yesterday before the rain I managed to get my outside sensor lights installed and cleaned up my shop. I have to admit I can sure mess things up. The problem is that we do so many things in one day, and when I get going I don’t put things back where they belong. But I guess that is why I get so much done. LOL Not many vehicles on Highway 522 today. Now the tourists have left things are slowing down. Which is okay with me. We have had a busy summer with the store and things and a bit of a rest wouldn’t be all that bad. On another note the leaves are about 75% gone but the Tamarack are now changing colour, and they sure can put on a show. I would say that Mother Nature is one great Artist. My lovely wife says there is none better. Today I will work on some stories for my columns. I had a couple come to me through the night. So that will keep me busy for most the day. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will see what the day has in store for me. One just never knows. Have a great day!

Hunting Times


Major Times
11:00 AM-2:00 PM
Minor Times
5:00 PM-7:00 PM

Today hunting should be pretty good. I give it a 4-Star Rating out of 5. Good Luck and stay safe.

Morning Post Oct 25/19

Well … it’s another cloudy day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We did have some sunshine yesterday off and on, which was nice. Also, temperatures weren’t too bad. Temperatures this morning are sitting at, 0.1 C | 32.18 F. It should warm up as the day moves forward. Highway 522 is bare and dry with no traffic to speak of. Which is a norm for this time of year. Today I have some outside work to do and then will see what the afternoon has to offer. It seems there is always something to do around a home. But it does keep one busy and the mind active. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will let things happen as they want.

Hunting Times


Major Times
11:00 AM-1:00 PM
Minor Times
5:30 PM-6:30 PM

Today hunting will be a wee bit better I give it 3-Star Rating out of 5. Good luck and stay safe!

Morning Report Oct 24/19

Another cloudy morning waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Some rain through the night and will continue for most the morning. Then if we are lucky, we could see some sunshine. Highway 522 is quiet. Darkness is upon us waking up these days and when we go to bed. Times like this a feller doesn’t feel like getting out of bed. Today I have some work to do in our basement, so will get at that in a bit. On days like this it is nice to be inside. I am happy I have all my outside work finished. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

Hunting Times


Major Times
10:00 AM-1:00 PM
Minor Times
5:00 PM-7:00 PM

Hunting won’t be the greatest once again today. I give it a 1-Star Rating out of 5. Good Luck and Stay Safe!