Morning Report March 18/2020

So another not too bad of a day here for Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun was shinning awhile ago, but at the moment we are under some clouds. It will remain a bit cloudy throughout the day. With sunshine off and on. Temperatures were sitting at -5.2 C | 22.64 F. It will warm up later on this morning and tomorrow should be really nice. Good day to get outside and go for a walk. Maybe wash your car. Mine is clean, washed it yesterday. But I do have some shop work to do so I might get into that. At the moment it is a mess. Highway 522 is bare and dry so travelling will be good, but as you all know, or should know, care should be taken when out and about, keeping your distance from others. Wave, throw them a kiss, or what ever, just not to close for a spell. Kind of a hard thing to do. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee. Have a great day make it a great day. Hang in there. GW

Information Regarding my Podcasts March 18/2020

Hi folks. How you all doing? I hope you are coping with what is happening throughout the world today. We just have to hang in there folks. This time round the only help we have is us as a whole., and we can beat this thing. Things will work out. Just need to be patient. On another note, I took down the Podcast on Facebook relating to the Coronavirus, as I have found that there is just too many on there today wanting to do more harm than good. It will however be here on my Blog, along with all my other Podcasts. And you can also listen to them on:

Google Play Music: Google Home: Just Say, HEY GOOGLE! … PLAY JUST ONE MORE STORY by GEORGE WALTERS

Also, thanks for all your comments, emails and calls letting me know how much your enjoying my Podcasts. I am glad you like them. Share them and tell others. In doing so you might brighten their day. From a Distance!! You can do so, simply by sending them this link: Or with the Share Links Below!