Morning Report June 28/2020

Good Morning! It’s a really nice looking day waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning and at the moment it isn’t that hot yet with temperatures sitting at 17.9 C | 64.22 F. It will warm up a lot though and remain hot for all of next week. If the humidity stays away it won’t be so bad. Time will tell how that works out. Yesterday my lovely wife and I took things a bit easy. Today I will do some work in my gardens tilling it up a wee bit, which will get rid of a few weeds that are trying to take over. Then once that is finished I might just do some more front porch sitting along with working on another Podcast. Lots to do around a home. The only issue is … if I want to do it LOL. Highway 522 was really busy yesterday with folks coming in from other towns and cities. The black-flies I found are still with us a wee bit, but not so bad that it stops a person from being outside. The mosquitoes are quite bad if your in certain areas that are shaded a wee bit. The horseflies and deer flies aren’t that bad yet, but once things heat up a bit they will be around annoying folks. With that … I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife and will let the day do as it wants. Have a great day, and stay safe. GW

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