Morning Post June 29/2020

Good Morning! Well it is another great looking day for us here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. Once again the sun is shinning with out a cloud in the sky. Not to bad temperature wise neither, with them sitting at 17.1 C | 62.78 F. It will remain very warm and sunny for the next two weeks. Great weather to be doing just about anything. Which is okay by me as I have lots to do around the house here. Highway 522 is quiet this morning with only a few trucks moving around. I suspect that will change once everyone gets out of bed. There there were lots of campers, travel trailers, boats and ATV’s in the back of pickup trucks moving up and down the highway yesterday. The black-flies and mosquitoes weren’t to bad yesterday when I was out in my vegetable gardens, which was a nice change. With that not much more to report here this morning, all is good, so I think I will head on out to the front porch and have a cup of coffee with my lovely wife. Rough Life. Huh? LOL Take care, stay safe, and keep your distance when around people. And most importantly stay out of stores that you don’t need to be in. Just a suggestion of course. LOL GW

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