Morning Chat Nov 13/2020

Good Morning! I am hoping everyone is well on this Friday the 13th. While on the subject of Friday the 13th, for myself I have found over the years that the 13th is a lucky day for me. Not sure why but good things seem to happen. I know those science guys or gals would say it’s a myth. But then a lot of things they say or said where a myth are turning out to be true. LOL At any rate … temperatures have sure cooled down for our area. Waking up here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada they were sitting at 1.5 C | 34.7 F. It will warm up a touch as the day moves forward. But after that things become even colder. So we will see. Highway 522 has slowed down a lot these days. Some hunters have left the area with a few remaining. I don’t think it was a good year for hunting being so warm. I also believe once that first shot is fired them deer of old are gone into hiding. LOL Can’t say I blame them neither. Yesterday my wife and I had a great day watching the Masters Golf Game on TSN. It started off with a bit of rain but then I told it to stop and it did and was a great day after that for all the golfers. LOL The next three days look good weather wise too. Today we will be watching it again. At the end of the day Casey was winning it at minus 7. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee with my lovely wife. Hmm, no, maybe I will have a cup of tea instead. I found that too much coffee isn’t the nicest on the old stomach. Take care, have a great day and stay safe. As this virus is surging rapidly all around us. I think the worst thing we could have done is opening businesses, letting them planes off the ground and opening schools. I said once they do that … we will be in for some hard times. And it’s happening now. Right now we aren’t doing what’s right in Ontario. So my friends if some aren’t doing what’s right … you do what’s right. Wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t touch your face and stay out of places unless it is absolutely necessary, and then think twice. GW

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