Morning Information Nov 15/2020

Good Morning! It is starting to be quite windy here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada this morning. The temperature is sitting at 2.9 C | 37.22 F. It is raining and I suspect it will rain for most the day, then it could change to snow or freezing rain. I am thinking we will have a mixed bag of weather for today and into tomorrow. The reason for this is we are right on the line of freezing and not freezing. We could even see some power outages with the winds and more so if we get the freezing rain. The lights here in our home have been flickering for a while now. Which isn’t a good sign. But … it is a sign of what’s to come. So in all sincerity Nature does give us warning. Today if the power remains on … my wife and I will finish watching the Masters Golf Tournament. It would be a shame to miss the last day after watching it for three days. But nothing is for sure in life. I have found that out many times over the years. Highway 522 is slowing down some with the hunters out of the bush heading on back to the cities. Which in turn will make it really quiet around here for the next few months. I am okay with that. LOL Especially with this virus closing in on us. With that I am off for my morning cup of tea with my lovely wife and will then enjoy the day for what it is. It’s all in how you make it. Stay safe and do what’s right. Oh, and the power just went out and back on. Hmm.

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