Morning Chat Feb. 24/2021

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy snowy day here in Port Loring, Ontario this morning. The snow will continue off and on for most of the day. Tomorrow the sun will show itself once again, and if we are lucky it should remain with us until Saturday, when we can expect more snow. So winter is keeping its grip, so to speak, on us here in the North. But the good news is, we are closing in on March … which means, spring isn’t that far off. I am thinking everyone will be looking forward to summer this year. On another note … the temperature is pretty nice these days with it sitting at -3.3 C | 26.06 F this morning. It will rise a wee bit. Highway 522 is snow covered with icy sections throughout this morning and I suspect it will remain that way until tomorrow. Understandable. Yesterday I worked on a Podcast and today will be much the same. With the weather being not so good, I enjoy being in the house working away here on my computer, bugging my lovely wife. She has been busy doing housework, along with working on a painting she has in mind. It’s nice to be able to do what you enjoy. We both don’t get to watching the news much these days, as there is so much garbage on there, that all it does when reading it, is upset a person. So have been getting on with our lives and enjoying each day for what it is. Along with bugging our boys occasionally. LOL That’s what parents do right? With that, have a great day. You’re the only one that can do that. And stay safe!!

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