Morning Chat March 17/2021

Good Morning from Port Loring. Ontario that is. To start things off it is a cloudy day. We could see some sunshine today, but I don’t expect much. But tomorrow is another story, where we will be having sunshine for most of the day. Also, the rest of the week is looking superb, with warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine. What could be better than that? Not much in my eyes. Highway 522 is bare and dry. We had no snow overnight, and I am hoping we have seen the last of it for this year. On another note, I didn’t do too much yesterday, kind of took things easy. Today I will work in the shop on a few things I have on the go. After that I don’t know. The reason for that is … I never know what a day has in store. I plan one thing and then something else comes along, and what I planned on doing never gets done. Actually … I like it that way in one sense, as it makes life interesting. So far this morning I lit the shop stove and got the wood furnace going in the house here. I don’t suspect we will be needing them much more, but I figured the wood heat would take the chill off things, and make my shop nicer to work in. And … I save a bit of oil for later. I have lots of wood this year left over, as with it being so warm we didn’t burn as much. Which is okay, as we will have lots for this coming winter. I did order another 8 cords or so, just to top things up. I always like to have a two-year supply on hand. Why is that? Glad you asked. For one thing, after piled up where it is out of the weather, it is nice and dry when the time comes to use it. Another thing is, with the way the world is going today, having my heat supply put way makes me feel better. All my life I have always had a back-up plan for everything. With that bit of info under your hat … I am off for my bacon and eggs this morning, that my lovely wife is making for me. I don’t have them much, but every so often, I get the urge to indulge so to speak. Take care and stay safe.

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