“Snapshot of Life: What’s Happening at & Around Our Home Here in Cottage Country on Sep 28, 2023”

Good Morning!

It looks as if we are in for another really nice day at our home here in Cottage Country. The sun is shinning without a cloud in the sky. It is a touch cool starting things off with the temperature sitting at 6.1 C | 42.98 F. However it will warm up a lot as the day moves forward. Which is a good thing, as my lovely wife and I sure enjoy warm weather and the sunshine.

Another thing that is strange, that most wouldn’t realize, is that the winds have been coming in from the North East for the past few days. The thing that is interesting, is that when the winds come in from the East, especially the north-east at this time of year means, that we are in for some not so good weather, but in 2023 it has changed to nice weather. It seems that Mother Nature is changing her ways behind the scenes. I have also found over the years that she’s also got her own mood swings. Especially when it comes to her trees. Some years, we might have plenty of rain and sunshine, which helps them trees grow up tall and strong, and they tend to have a nice, pointy top. Other years, though, it might be dry as a bone, or we might have too much rain that can make ’em grow a bit wild and unruly, givin’ ’em a less-pointy look. Which is what took place this year. So what has that got to do with anything? Well, it tells me that when these changes in nature occur, there are often consequences on the horizon for us as human beings. In other words, it’s a signal that we need to be prepared for potential effects on our lives, and that’s precisely what I am attempting to bring to light.

On another note, I worked all day yesterday restoring my porch on the side of our home by the driveway. I have been working on it now for three days and finished it at the end of the day. Now it has been brought back to its natural state with a coat of wood preserver. It should now last for another five years or more. Being that it is white cedar, it could last even longer. I hope so, as with what they are charging for lumber these days it makes it hard to replace or build anything. At any rate, it is finished and couldn’t be at a better time going into winter.

Today, my wife and I have our mowing to do around our home, which we will get at as soon as we enjoy a couple of pancakes stuffed full of cranberries and raspberries. With a drizzle of syrup over the top just to sweeten up our lives a touch.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine! It’s what we all need to stay healthy. GW

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