Living Off the Beaten Path, On April 6/2024

Good Morning! As the sun rises over the fields, lakes and streams, it’s time to take in what the day has to offer, as a new day is filled with possibilities. Myself, I always take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the land that keeps me alive.

Starting things off, the temperature has warmed up a lot and the snow we had over the past few days has melted. Truth told, the grass is starting to green up, and it won’t be long before I have to bring out that old mower of mine. At least I think I will, as it is getting up there in years, and I am thinking I will have to buy another one soon. I just have to find the right deal, as riding mowers are expensive these days. Along with that, well-made ones are hard to find. If any of you hears of a good deal one, let me know. I just might be interested.

On another note, this is the time of year to get them seeds out, let them soak overnight in a glass of warm rain water, and then get to planting them so they will be ready to plant when your vegetable garden is ready. I will be doing that starting today. It’s easy for me to remember, as my birthday falls on April 2. And my name is George, which in itself means… Tiller of Soil. I kind of think, I was meant right from the very beginning to be a farmer, and a writer too. I believe the writer in me was meant to share knowledge and help those who may not be well-versed in certain areas.

Yesterday I worked away here on my new novel, the first in a series I want to write. It’s something I always wanted to do. I know some ask why, as you already have published seven books. Well simply put, the other books are about true life happenings, These new stories I’m writing explore our world, what it is now, and what it could be in the future. There’s a bit of love, science fiction, mystery, and humor mixed in. And there’s a big secret too, something about the start of life on Earth that might surprise a lot of people. I am hoping my writing and knowledge will take my readers on a journey that’s out of the ordinary, filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep everyone with an open mind, eagerly turning the pages and wanting more!

Today though being that the weather is nice I plan on re-piling my firewood that fell over, and if warm enough I might do some front porch sittin’ with my little woman. She will be busy doing the wash, which keeps her busy along with the other things she usually does on a Saturday. We are both busy people, especially in the spring.

With that I am off for my breakfast that my lovely wife is making for me and will then set my sights on what lies ahead.

You all have a great day. GW

Fishing Times For Saturday

Major Times
10:36 AM-12:36 PM

Minor Times
5:31 AM-6:31 AM
4:54 PM-5:54 PM

Day Rating I give it a 2-star rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of the Day! Keep your secrets, like your tackle box: close and guarded. You wouldn’t want everyone and their grandma knowing where the big ones are hiding, now, would we?

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